Lily Allen - 5th Album

I'm guessing she's starting over again, wasn't their a supposed concept album ready to go a while back?
I was asking myself the same thing. Maybe they're just re-working it slightly? I think there weren't too many changes made between "The Fourth Wall" that she had been teasing so long and "No Shame" the album she eventually released. As long as Party Line is still on the new record (whenever it may come), I'm good!
Maybe I'm misremembering, but wasn't that concept album about men in the music industry scrapped/abandoned a while back? Unless there was another concept album I'm not familiar with.
Yeah Page 22 mentions there was a Mail Online article saying the album was scrapped. To think most of these songs are like… 3years old by now, can only imagine she feels different and wants to do something else.
I miss her witty way with music.

I’d love to hear the concept album beging men in the music industry, but I’m sure the men in the music industry shut that concept down.
What did it say?


Weirdly her account appears to have been deactivated now. All very odd.