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Lily Allen - 5th Record

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. A mutual friend signed her - she's made lots of money on Cameo. Far more than 10. In fact, there's 30 reviews (which I believe you can only write if you buy one), so considering not everyone leaves a review...

    But in 2020 there is no meet and greet. Once upon a time, you toured to pay off the cost of your record. Now, you Cameo to pay for your record.

    Cameo is the meet and greet of the future, just as a selfie was the autograph of the 2010s
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  2. Get that incum girl!
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  3. I masterbate, do you?

    That slogan.

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  4. I was kind of sure she wasn't teasing us for an album yesterday, but never I would have imagined she teased us to masturbate.
  5. Perhaps it's the name of her next album too.
  6. Waiting patiently for the thread title to be updated, teebs. “Lily Allen - The Liberty (Sex Toy)”.

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  7. Also, “Womanizer changed my life”.

    Honestly same, Queen. We loved your iconic rendition of it as well.

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  8. I work in a sex shop and I LOVE this. I will try and sell the shit out of this (even though it looks like the Liberty that we’re already have in store). God I love her so much!!!!!!!
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  9. LEWKS. Obsessed with these. Ellen von Unwerth shot them.

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  10. #IM
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Will your shop be selling The Butcher as well?
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  12. NOT Ellen von Unwerth!!! a whole QUEEN.
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  13. The pics are SO FUCKING good!!
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  14. Lily's featured on this new song by BENEE. If the lyric video is not available yet then it will be at midnight. She has a short verse about half way through, and comes back towards the end.

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  15. Plain is so good, I'm obsessed.
  16. Plain is a bopppppppp. Excited for the next album.
  17. An unreleased song leaked called "Purely Selfish". There's two versions - one seems to be produced by Dan Wilson and the other produced by Robocop. It's a cute Lily-style ballad. Not sure what era it is from.
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  18. Purely Selfish is gorgeous. I think it's from the Sheezus era?
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  19. Did we ever find out if Lily Allen and the chocolate cake incident was true?
  20. Decided she needs to re-record Bass Like Home and properly release it for June 21st and it could end up being her biggest single in the UK in years.
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