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Lily Allen - No Shame (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. No Shame
    Release Date: June 8, 2018


    01. Come On Then*
    02. Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)*
    03. What You Waiting For
    04. Your Choice (feat. Burna Boy)*
    05. Lost My Mind
    06. Higher
    07. Family Man
    08. Apples*
    09. Three
    10. Everything To Feel Something*
    11. Waste (feat. Lady Chann)*
    12. My One*
    13. Pushing Up Daisies*
    14. Cake

    *= Explicit
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  2. I didn't know how much I really wanted this until right now!
  3. Looking forward to it.

    It's a shame Sheezus wasn't more successful. I still really like it as a full album. Despite the initial lukewarm commercial reception I thought it might pick up later down the line. But then she had filmed and released about six videos by the time the album was out, so there wasn't much left for her to promote it with.
  4. This sounds like it could be kind of great? Hmm.
  5. Looking forward to this.
  6. Sheezus was definitely a grower for me, I ended up loving it. Although the bonus tracks were quite rubbish. Looking forward to seeing what she does next.
  7. Sheezus was actually a pretty good album, but it was ruined by messiness both regarding coherence and, in particular, promotion. Too many half-singles and videos early on. Left her with nothing to push then a month or so after the album release. She needs to just do two singles this time with the album a week after the second single. Hopefully there's less label involvement this time.

    I think this should be better, Sheezus was kind of her shaking off the rust and not having as much to say having been off the scene for so long. Between the backlash to the Hard Out Here video, and all the stuff she's gotten up to since, I think she'll have a lot more issues to skewer this time.
  8. I am worried about this album as she no longer has the comeback hype rely on.

    Ideally Sheezus should've been released in December 2013 when Hard Out Here was released. Hard Out Here was the only single that seemed like classic Lily in my opinion.
  9. This new direction/ sound she seems to be going for is everything I didn't realise I needed from Lily.
  10. I think it's time to move away from Kurstin. I absolutely love him, but Sheezus definitely suffered from being too similar to It's Not Me, It's You, yet nowhere nearly as amazing.

    Anyway, the main issue with Lily's last album were the singles - Hard Out Here was pure marmite and Air Balloon almost universally disliked. If they get it right with the new lead single, everything else will probably fall in place.
  11. Damn, this sounds like it has all the right ingredients to be properly amazing. Her voice really would suit trip-hop.
  12. 'Miserable Without Your Love' and 'Who Do You Love?' were album highlights and I won't hear otherwise.
  13. Agree with you - the bonus tracks were my highlights, particularly Miserable Without Your Love.

    I didn't realise she was recording for her fourth album already, I've gone from 0 to 100 in terms of anticipation haha.
  14. I would definitely love to hear more songs like Miserable Without Your Love on the next album. The production just feels so longing and sad, let alone the lyrics. One of my favorites on the entire album besides Our Time.
  15. Whilst I think an overhaul can only be a good thing, at this stage, this feels like it'll sound better on paper than in execution.

    At least if it's something which takes her and the listener out of their comfort zone then it can only be a more enduring listen than 'Sheezus', which had a shelf-life of around a week.
  16. ...But then she'll have as many bad albums as good.
  17. *looks at your avatar*

    The nerve.
  18. Sheezus was not bad at all. Excited for this!
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  19. Her quality level is still leagues better than most mind. Sheezus isnt my fav of hers but its really not that bad at all. And as popstars go she is mega.
  20. Was Sheezus really only last year? Either way, I am so down for this.
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