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Lily Allen - No Shame (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 22, 2015.

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    I feel like there is such a profound sense of clarity in how she's operating at the moment. Like, I have no idea if she's generally happy or sad in her life currently, but either way it's like she has a crystal clear image of her own headspace and that confidence and assurance is carrying into the music, allowing her to articulate herself wonderfully.

    I'm really intrigued by how this album is going to turn out. She seems to be in such a great creative space at the moment. Lily Allen in her thirties was always going to be a bit of a force, wasn't she?
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  2. No Shame is already better than Sheezus. I'm glad that I'm this excited for a Lily's release again.
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  3. The new itunes song has got to be coming by the 25th.
  4. I literally cannot wait for this album. No artist has 2 albums I have loved so much and so equally as "It's not me it's you" and "Sheezus" (INMIY is my favourite obv but only just). The funny thing is considering how much I adore both of these albums I've never been able to get into "Alright, Still" despite several attempts, am I missing something?
  5. I'm incredibly excited that we're so close to this new album! I'm so freaking ready. I get a sneaky feeling we're getting another pre-release track soon. 'Lost my Mind' has suddenly got it's length on iTunes so perhaps it's coming soon?
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    Alright Still is great but a bit kooky and a little dated I guess, but songs like Take What You Take and Littlest Things are worth going back to. Her song writing is always so underrated, she's a genius and I too am hyped for this new record.
  7. I'd say those are the weakest of the bunch. I actually think Alright, Still still holds up perfectly and the deluxe edition addenda are just as nice.
  8. Tracks 2 through 6 on Alright, Still demonstrate a remarkably flawless effort for a debut album.
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  9. Doesn’t she hate Take What You Take?

    Everything’s Just Wonderful is the one from Alright, Still for me.
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  10. Three makes me so emotional.
    Some people on Twitter think that Lost My Mind will be the next and last pre-order single.
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  11. LDN is one of the Top 5 best pop songs of the 2000s.
  12. I always listen to it when the sun is shining in Ladbroke Grove.
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  13. Lost My Mind is coming on Friday - it’s out there now somewhere though because it was put up on Saturday (!!!) on a Chinese site.
  14. Oh wow, it's great. Much more of a bop than how it sounded live.
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  15. The same thing happened with Trigger Bang, same site too. I wonder what's going on there.

    It's excellent though.
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  16. She's 4/4 so far. I'd live if this ended up topping It's Not Me, It's You.
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  17. I love this! Breezy bop
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  18. Lyrics -

    This is ... hitting me hard.
  19. As brilliant in recorded form as it was live.
  20. She just gets how to make a simple melody and lyric hit so hard. Some of this material is heart wrenching in a not so obvious way.

    As far as Lost My Mind and Higher go they’ve had a bigger effect on me than most other breakup songs and it’s completely down to her delivery. She’s vulnerable and carefree at the same time and I think that coldness paired with the nice warm melodies is haunting.

    I can’t get over how good these songs are. I didn’t expect this after Sheezus.
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