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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Anyone here a fan? She is one of my absolute favourite female vocalists, up there with the best of them. Such great material. I know she recorded a lot of covers but I enjoyed them and she introduced me to a number of songwriters such as Karla Bonoff, Jimmy Webb and Warren Zevon.

    My favourite albums are Don't Cry Now, Heart Like a Wheel, Simple Dreams, Mad Love, and Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind.
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  2. I was really into her last summer. Even though I believe she was the first female artist to have a long string of multiplatinum albums, younger people don't seem very aware of her today.

    I love her whole run of albums from Heart Like A Wheel to Mad Love. I think Mad Love is my favorite.
  3. I only know this song from growing up, but then I dont think she had massive success in the UK did she. This was huge in 1989 though and I love it...

  4. So many albums, where to start? I have the recent 5CD album box thing - are those albums representative or am I missing out? Some of albums seem to be hard-ish to find or pricey as well.
  5. I don't think that set includes "Heart Like A Wheel", which is widely considered her greatest work. I think most people would recommend that album first.
  6. Aaron Neville's mole upset me.
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  7. Voice of an angel.

    A few years ago I was fortunate enough to pick up most of her albums cheaply, and then I got the gorgeous boxset from 1999 for a lot less than it costs now, and I still keep meaning to make my definitive Linda Ronstadt playlist.

    Her 70s work is probably the place to start (and return to, time and again), but there are so many albums out there - the Emmylou Harris collaboration, the two Trio records with Emmylou and Dolly Parton, the early material with Stone Poneys.....
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  9. Hmmm, a very patchy collection - missing out huge chunks out of her output in order to keep to the mainstream stuff, I guess.

    Heart Like A Wheel never appears among Linda sets due to it being on Capitol/EMI, rather than Asylum/Warners. There's a great 2CD compilation from a few years ago that has all 4 Capitol albums (roughly two albums spread across each disc).
  10. There are a number of Linda compilations out there. This one isn't that great - too much missing.

    Surprisingly, I found the Reader's Digest 3-CD set in a thrift shop and it's an excellent overview of her career including her big hits, Great American Songbook, duets, Trio recordings, and Spanish recordings. One disc of the standards is probably too much but it gives a nice sampling of her career.

    The Japanese reissues of her albums are quite nice, though they still haven't remastered Mad Love or Get Closer.
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  11. Those Readers Digest sets can be really good, I have Chris de Burgh and Joan Armatrading ones, picked up in Charity Shops.

    I still need to do my Linda Anthology; I got as far as designing a sleeve!
  12. There's a Joan Armatrading Reader's Digest comp??? How did I miss that? Amazing.
  13. I guess A&M licensed out their catalogue at some stage....I found hers and the C de Burgh ones in the same Oxfam several years ago.
  14. Big Linda fan. Her 70s work is superb, though apparently she doesn't like any of it. My favourite album is 'Simple Dreams'. The MOFI remasters of (some) of her 70s albums are really nice.

    Incidentally, much of her catalogue, including the titles you mention, was Mastered By iTunes last year. I haven't heard them, but they're supposedly very good.
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  15. Yes, those MOFI remasters were great. I wish they had continued with Back in the U.S.A. and of course, Mad Love and Get Closer.

    Her box set does seem to indicate that she frowns upon a lot of her '70s material - a number of her hits are missing on it, though it is a very nice set.
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  16. Apparently, Linda never thought she 'learned' to sing until well into the 80s, so can't stand much of her earliest (and biggest) work.

    I have the Japanese remaster of 'Living In The USA' from a few years ago. It's OK. A bit bright sounding. I wish 'Mad Love' had been included in the remasters too. It was a very successful album in the States. I don't know why it gets overlooked.
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  17. I think Mad Love was a bit of a change for her but you're right, it did very well. I still hear "Hurt So Bad" on the radio occasionally. One thing about Linda is that she has introduced me to songwriters whose work I wouldn't normally seek out like Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon. I bought some of their albums based on Linda's work. I am not normally an Elvis Costello fan but I really like "Party Girl" from this album and "Alison" from 'Living in the USA'.

    Good grief - I can never get the name of 'Living in the USA' correct. At first I thought it was "Born" then I wrote "Back".
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  18. Do you remember Costello hating Linda's versions of his songs? He called her 3 interpretations on 'Mad Love' 'a waste of vinyl'. She never covered him again.

    LITUSA is a good album, but didn't come close to the preceding 'Simple Dreams'. I think after the former she knew she needed a change. Hence the new wave-ish 'Mad Love'.
  19. I'm not an expert, and was too young to know what was being said at the time, but I gather that Mad Love is one of her worst-received albums from that 1974-1982 period. I think she lost a lot of fans with the choice of direction, exemplified by the next album's dismal chart showing. After that she went into theatre, musicals and Nelson Riddle albums for a few years.
  20. 'Mad Love' seemed to be pitched somewhere between Pat Benatar and Blondie. It did well and placed 3 top 20 US singles, IIRC. I can't honestly remember the reviews, but here in the UK all her records flopped so there probably weren't many!

    'Get Closer' did seem to be a screeching reversal, but with weaker material. 'What's New' threw her a lifeline in 1983.
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