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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by 1986, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. So seeing as there isn’t a thread for this amazing woman I thought I’d see if there’s any fans out? It’s a shame she seems to be mostly forgotten when at one time she was one of the biggest artists of the 70’s.

    Also her documentary The Sound Of My Voice is really great and insightful.

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  3. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I wrote about Linda briefly when I did my women of the 70s rate a couple of years ago. An all time fave for me.
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  4. @Lila she really was a fantastic vocalist who could sing anything with raw emotion. If you haven’t seen the documentary I highly recommend it.

    It’s not flashy but it gives insight into Linda and how much of a feminist, perfectionist and how much passion she has for music and the beautiful female friendships.
  5. I started a thread a few years ago. Perhaps these could be merged?

    The Sound of My Voice is great, although it skipped over some stuff. It skipped over the recording of Mad Love entirely (but I'm biased because I love that album).
  6. My bad I couldn’t see one when I searched!
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  7. No worries. I love reading about Linda and the original thread went dormant.
  8. I missed this thread popping up!

    I was a bit too young to enjoy Linda's 70s heyday....or even the early 80s brush with New Wave....I first knew her as that strange little mousey lday who sang old songs with an orchestra, or ballads from films about cartoon mice, or a part of the Trio project.

    But I got the 2004 Best Of as a way of discovering her work, and then happened on a ton of her CDs in a used store about 10 years ago (maybe less, maybe more!). Recently, I've gone back to trying to finish a mega anthology of her music...probably 8 discs' worth. I think I have all the albums now, from Stone Poneys to the final one Hummin With Myself (which I finally tracked down last month).

    She was so versatile, and such an amazing interpreter of material.
  9. Coming soon to BBC Four on Friday 5th November at 11.40pm....

    The Old Grey Whistle Test

    Bob Harris introduces Linda Ronstadt in concert (from 1976) at the New Victoria Theatre in London
  10. Love Linda so much.

    I think I've worn out Mad Love so really enjoying Get Closer. Maybe not as good as Mad Love, but solid production. Love the rock version of Tell Him and Talk to Me of Mendocino is gorgeous, as is the Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

    That BBC special sounds great. Wish I lived in the UK...
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  11. I’m not really familiar with Linda’s music at all, in fact the only song I know of hers is “Don’t Know Much” with Aaron Neville. Looking at her discography she didn’t really have much success in the UK though.
  12. I still need to finish my mega Linda anthology. That's what happens when you get too ambitious!

    Have to agree with the praise for Mad Love and Get Closer.
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  13. I'm envious of your position. She has a fantastic catalogue. I wish I could rediscover hers from scratch. So much variety. And at consistently high quality.
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  14. Really? Does she have a few signature songs I should listen to?
  15. You’re no Good
    Long, Long Time
    That’ll be the Day
    Heart like a Wheel
    Blue Bayou
    When will I be Loved?
    It’s So Easy
    Different Drum
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  16. @Espeon provided a list that I can't disagree with. I also love "Love Has No Pride", "Silver Threads and Golden Needles", "Tumbling Dice", and "Hurts So Bad". Then all the album tracks of her albums. So many gems.

    Honestly, just get all her albums from the '70s and early '80s. If you're into the American Songbook stuff, What's New, of course. The Trio album is also amazing.

    It's like finding treasure. There's very few of her albums I don't like. The '70s stuff is gold although, for me, Living in the USA is probably my least favourite (one of the rare albums where I think the album tracks are better than the singles).
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  17. "Different Drum" was her first big hit, and you might recognise it if you heard it.

    I love love love this Spanish version of "Blue Bayou" on the TV show "Empire"

    But I don't think Linda's Spanish version is available on CD/digitally?
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  18. Her first Spanish album is also very good!
  19. Yeah, her Spanish version of Blue Bayou should have been included on the reissue of Simple Dreams but, alas, wasn't. It wasn't even featured on her compilation of Spanish recordings, Mi Jardin Azul: Las Canciones Favoritas.
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