Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album + General Discussion

She looks incredible at NYFW.



A real shame if this doesn’t work out. Although it sounds a bit odd as apparently they won’t be playing their original characters?

I’ll never understand why these film studios lowball the women who made these films a hit. First Neve in the Scream franchise, now Mean Girls and I’m sure there is a long list of other occasions too.
I heard it’s because the original cast were only making cameos, instead of reprising their roles for the full film.
I know, I just thought it a bit odd that they wouldn’t play their characters. I dunno. It would be cool to see them altogether again.
I guess I’m just used to original cast members having cameos (as different characters) in reboots/remakes/adaptations.

I wonder what the role/offer was though. I don’t think the musical had many adult character parts?
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This news actually made me quite emotional. I know this has been a dream of her's for a long time but it looked like she may never be healthy or stable enough for it too happen, but now she's glowing, with her career firmly back on track (well, and the music one abandoned again ddd) and married to a handsome banker, and expecting a baby!

It's quite inspiring as someone going through a rough patch (that's lasted a few years) to see someone actually come out the other side. I feel like it's quite rare to see that full 360 turnaround; especially in the media.

It gives me hope that maybe one day a lot of the chaos in my life won't be there anymore.

Good luck, Lilo!! Name the baby Fastlane after your magnum opus.