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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. 'Walka Not a Talka' was incredible.

    I read somewhere that 'Spirit In the Dark' was never an official title that was considered by Lindsay and her label/management, and that it just came from the fans/blogosphere somewhere, is that true? I think the ~album~ never actually existed, and she basically recorded a handful of songs (the ones that subsequently leaked) and that was it.
  2. BML


    Both true. 'Playground' with Pharrell supposedly never existed either.

    'Stay' is another track that leaked a few years back:

  3. I am always surprised that no Hilary Duff tracks have ever leaked, although Hollywood Records seem to have very secure vaults.
  4. I wonder if Lindsay will be going full-on Marianne Faithfull for her next album. She sure has the voice already.
  5. Yes please. Not here for EDM.
  6. I'd kill for some Dignity outtakes.

    I doubt this album will happen, but I wish more demos would leak. "Stuck" is my jam.
  7. Lindsay Lohan has been offered a very lucrative deal by a record label.

    SMH Records is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and they are confident they can make the troubled actress a very successful recording artist.

    The company wants to be part of Lindsay’s comeback, believing she has what it takes to be a great pop star.

    “Lindsay is a tremendous talent and our distribution through Capital/ Universal Music Group means we have the resources to help Lindsay make her comeback,” Jonathan Hay, founding partner of SMH Records, told Radar Online.
    His publicity company has reportedly worked with several high-profile clients, with a track record of high sales and huge success. Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Wu-Tang Clan have all apparently collaborated with Jonathan.
    It looks like Lindsay might already by making fresh music, as the actress has been posting pictures of herself on Instagram posing in a recording studio. The hashtags on one photo included #jamiehince and #studiotime, leading to speculation the 27-year-old is dabbling in music again.

    Musician Jamie, best known as being supermodel Kate Moss’ husband, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for band The Kills.

    Lindsay has already released two studio albums, including 2004 LP Speak and her 2005 effort A Little More Personal (Raw).

    It is rumored she wants her new songs to sound nothing like what she has previously produced.

    “Lindsay’s really embarrassed by that music, it was really poppy and cheesy. She sees herself as far more credible now,” a source explained to British newspaper The Mirror recently.

    “Jamie is one of her idols – she loves The Kills and sees herself as a bit of a rock chick.”

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  8. Oh my god, a Lindsay-fronted The Kills album would be FUCKING ACE.
  9. A match made in heaven.
  10. A "rock chick" album would totally work for Lindsay Lohan in 2014.
  11. A Night Time, My Time-lite album would be pretty great in my book.
  12. Be my ginger Taylor Momsen tonight.
  13. A cross between Midnight Boom and Night Time, My Time would be incredible for her.
  14. Lindsay really missed her calling in fronting a band called The Pretty Reckless.
  15. BML


    "SMH Records" and RadarOnline make me not want to believe that article.
  16. She is deluded if she seriously thinks she is ever going to be taken seriously as a music act.
  17. I hope she names the album "Ten" to commemorate her decade in the recording industry........

    On a serious note, Rumors was a great middle school jam.
  18. YES!! at The Kills' involvement.
  19. Fixed.
  20. If her delusion leads to another album, I'm all for it.
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