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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Get ready gurls.

    I hope the music (if there is music) will still have banging pop melodies.
  2. I must admit I never really liked any of Lindsay's albums because they're not very good, but I love the idea of her as popstar. She just looks and acts like one anyway. I think she could make it work.
  3. Radar Online will post literally anything that is submitted to them. People have sent fake tips before as an experiment, and they've immediately been posted on the site as "exclusives" within hours. Don't put too much stock in anything you read from there.
  4. A Little More Personnal was great... She shouldn't be embarassed by this album but proud. Confession of a Broken Heart is still great, so powerful in the melody, lyrics...

    I hope she won't go to EDM as it was said before
  5. Now I'm imagining an album produced entirely by Ariel Reichtshaid with features from Sky Ferreira and every 90s-born rapper with a tumblr account in the book. Crying, shaking, et cetera.

    I actually think 2014 Lindsay sounds like it just kind of makes sense. People still want to root for her.
  6. I mean, really?

    I'm also chuckling at the idea of her putting out anything which would be a 100th as good as Night Time, My Time. Again, really?? No record label is going to touch her.
  7. Of all the things Lindsay Lohan could be embarrassed about - a string of dreadful films, her reputation for being a trainwreck, the fact that she looks about 10 years older than she is - you wouldn't think a music career hardly anyone remembers or cares about would be top of the list.

    Speak wasn't a bad album, although it could have been done just as well by absolutely anyone.
  8. I bet they did.
  9. Yassssss Queen Lindsay serve to the public!
  10. Hmm. I don't know if this thread really has the legs to stand on.
  11. BML


    Ah, but you forget about its trusty 3th leg!

  12. i'm really looking forward to this but i hope it' not EDM music, i don't want new paris hilton, i still enjoy her first 2 albums and those leaked songs, i want her to do more dance/electronicrock something like STUCK or more rock-ish music like confessions/i live for the day/if it's alright/edge fo seventeen
  13. I just want a whole album like "Bossy."
  14. Imagine for a moment if Rihanna received Bossy, it would have been #1 all around the world.

    Bossy > Don't Stop the Music, shame on you Stargate!
  15. Was just about to pop in to say how brilliant that song is
  16. Um that Playground song is all sorts of amazing.

    Surely someone, somewhere has to make a go of it - even if it is Lindsay Lohan
  17. I would love her to do a Miley in 2014 and just come back and smash.
    She has such a popstar persona about her anyway and in today's age anyone can have a comeback with the right timing and material.
  18. merden

    merden Guest

    She can't do "a Miley".... Lindsay is almost 30 and a complete mess. She's lost her looks. She's lost any chance of a career. She's really quite a tragic figure and any chance of a "comeback" has been squandered. It's ok to be a hot mess when you're young and gorgeous, but at her age she's truely wasted her best years. She is done.
  19. Your completely right she is such a tragic figure, almost a sign of the times in relevance to modern celebrity culture.
    However over the years I have learned to never rule out a comeback from anyone.
    It's a very slim chance that she would smash however not impossible.
    We all love an underdog after all.
  20. merden

    merden Guest

    I'll tell you what I love... and that's your avatar. Poor Cher... she's so inspirational.
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