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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I love having these demos on streaming & honestly appreciate any fan who finds a workaround, but yes, they only last for a few days at most before they get removed.
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  2. Listened to Back to Me for the first time in a while and it still goes awf. The perfect summer bop.
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  3. New remix of "Back To Me" out tomorrow.

    Where's Xanax?!
  4. That remix is so much better than the first one, I like it a lot!

    And Speak preorder is up on UO:

  5. Did anyone notice the jacked up tracklisting on the Urban Outfitters vinyl? They also added Magnet but I wonder why they changed it. I mean, the song First not coming first, come on.

    Vinyl tracklisting:
    1. Anything But Me
    2. Very Last Moment In Time
    3. Disconnected
    4. First
    5. Magnet
    6. Nobody 'Til You
    7. Over
    8. Rumors
    9. Something I Never Had
    10. Speak
    11. Symptoms Of You
    12. To Know Your Name
  6. I actually hate this. It’s like they chose exactly the wrong order to put this in.
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  7. I was going to say it’s probably just a typo since it’s all alphabetical, but Track 2.
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  8. Thank you, Dan Brown.
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  9. Right!? I can't fathom those first two songs opening up the album. Very Last Moment In Time needs to be at the end, not at the beginning. I know it's just a vinyl but who the hell signed off on this.

    I didn't even think about that. Here's hoping it's all a big typo.
  10. Can she and Cheryl just release these scrapped recordings online and call it a day!!
  11. The way all her artwork is done by some gay she found on Twitter who uses the most recent Lindsay photoshoots he can find tickles me,
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  12. Wait, really?! ddd So far all the promo pics they've been using are from the same (old) shoot though, the photographer was even in her IG comments and was asked why we didn't get a new one and he said quarantine (which still doesn't make a lot of sense but ok).
    Hopefully we get new images for the album (if we get an album) at least.

    She's also now listed on Republic's site (although I think Casablanca's still the only label handling her releases):
  13. There's using old photos then there's using a magazine spread (Kode magazine?) from 2014 for an album campaign in 2020.
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  14. I mean yes, but does she have the budget for a professional photoshoot? Let's appreciate the minimal effort.
  15. Tracklisting aside, I love the colour, so I'm going to give some coin.
  16. If we do get an album I won't mind not getting new shoots/videos at all (even if it'd be a bit sad/missed opportunity not to go all out) but she's always been the type to do (genuinely great) impromptu shoots in the bathroom or [insert any random location] any day she feels like it, I don't think having a big budget for a fancy setting and crew is necessarily an excuse.
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  17. I mean Charli XCX invented covers during quarantine with an Iphone. I love her but maybe put a bit of effort?.
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  18. Effort? We’re talking about Lindsay Lohan? I mean....
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  19. Hey, those old photoshoots don't edit themselves. It took at least 5 minutes to open photoshop, edit the color, chose a font and write the text.
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