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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. 'Nobody 'Til You', 'Speak', 'To Know Your Name'.

  2. Over is her best song. I'd say the 3 best on Speak are Over, First, and Nobody Till You. On A Little More Personal the top 3 would be Confessions, Beautiful Life, and I Live For the Day. ALMP is a weird album in that there really aren't tons of highlights or bombs. Its pretty consistently just ok all the way through.
  3. Amazing all three! Will revisit and put in my iPhone stat!!
  4. What is the joke related to this "thirth" in the tags?
  5. The thread title.
  6. Seriously, "3th" is all I can focus on when it comes to this thread. I almost want it to never get corrected.

    Also, to stay somewhat on-topic: Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) is the best thing she's ever done and ever will do music-wise. Speak had some amazing basic bops on it though.
  7. Oh my gosh. That flawless part in the video when she takes off her jacket and puts her hair in a bun and proceeds to the window to look at her neighbor boyfriend You Belong With Me style. So good.

    I think Nobody Til You, Over and Disconnected are my favourites from Speak. Disconnected has that amazing 'only not lonely when I'm lonely by myself' line.
  8. Over, Symptoms of You, Very Last Moment in Time.

    Black Hole, I Live for the Day, If It's Alright, A Beautiful Life.

    Those are her best. A Little More Personal is the better album for me, by a pretty big margin.
  9. For me her best include:

    Speak, Magnet, Very Last Moment In Time, Rumors (The Video Mix) and Over

    Black Hole, I Live for the Day, Confessions of a Broken Heart, Edge of Seventeen and A Beautiful Life

    I Wanna Be Bad, Bossy and Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  10. She's better off sticking to her upcoming menswear collection.
  11. "Magnet" sounds like an updated, teen pop version of an 80s Madonna song. I never paid attention to it much before a couple years ago.
  12. Justice for Something I Never Had, pleaseā€¦

    My favorites off Speak were Over, Something I Never Had, Anything but Me, & To Know Your Name.

    A Little More Personal (Raw~) was even better: Black Hole, I Live For The Day, If It's Alright, A Beautiful Life.
  13. I always listen to Bossy and Britney's Selfish back-to-back. Ultimate Stargate bad girl jams.
  14. I Wanna Be Bad should've been released as a single but with a music video and choreography. Basically no chance with lazy Lohan.

    Every singe track is a jam but if I had to pick a favourite I'd say To Know Your Name...and Speak... and Over
  16. Oh god her albums defined my childhood

    from Speak my favorites are: Rumors, Magnet, To know your name and Nobody till you

    from ALMP: COABH, I live for the day, if it's alright, edge of seventeen... But this album i started appreciating more and more with coming years and now i think every song is amazing lyrics-wise and production-wise, her voice was great too

    from Spirit in the dark: Bossy and Stuck

    my top 3 LiLo songs are

    1. Confessions
    2. Bossy
    3. Rumors
  17. Didn't Kelly Clarkson's label/Manager try and get her to record 'Black Hole' a few years after Lindsay to add to her 'My December' album as they were worried about it sounding too dark and having nothing commerical on it?
  18. Not all of Lindsay's songs being removed from Spotify aside from "Bossy." Glad to see she's still changing the game and influencing our girl TayTay with her Spotify neglect~

    Seriously I was wanting to work out to I Live for the Day this morning
  19. I'm listening to 'Walka Not a Talka (feat. Snoop Dogg)' and gnashing my teeth over the fact that she never released her 'Kylie meets Rihanna' third album. I actually love her voice.
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