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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    I was looking up some stuff in those song databases and don't remember anything ever being mentioned about Lindsay recording "Flirt" back then so now wondering if this is true or just a database mistake?
  2. Bizarrely they fixed the tracklisting for the vinyl, but the sticker on the outer packaging reads: "Also featuring the singles: 'Nobody 'Til You,' 'Over' & 'Symptoms of You'"...I guess no love for First (an actual single) or Speak (an actual scrapped single)?
  3. Those are the songs on the original cd sticker in 2004. They just reprinted it for the vinyl.
  4. What a shame. But I also wonder how much the "label" would actually care if they found their way to YouTube/Soundcloud?
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  5. It's funny how Universal/Republic bothered to redo some of the artwork design such as the back cover and obviously the insert but stayed completely true to the original sticker ddd
  6. I mean, it's not unheard of - Chris Cox released a twelve-and-a-half minute unreleased club mix of Janet Jackson's All Nite (Don't Stop) on Soundcloud eight years ago, and you can buy basically every remix Hani has ever done on his website. And those are just two examples. I wonder if it's just some red tape like Casablanca owning the rights.
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  8. Ah, damn it. Maybe it’ll turn up randomly one of these days
  9. Wow, I'm heartbroken. His mixes from that era in particular were amazing. The one he did for Britney? Whew.

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  10. Classiques!
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  11. Oh that hurts.
  12. Just had an email saying my vinyl should be arriving tomorrow and I can't wait!
  13. Can't really imagine Symptoms of You being a good single choice.
  14. I just listened to A Little More Personal (Raw) all the way through for the first time in YEARS and I have to say that I was kind of blown away by her vocal performance - she really improved considerably from Speak, which is remarkable given all that she had going on at that point in time.

    I far prefer Speak as an album (and still revisit it every month or two), but I think ALMP(R) definitely better showcases the talent and potential that was there...
  15. A Little More Personal (RAW) is far and away the more accomplished album. It’s a pretty perfect example of angsty teen pop/rock for me. One of the best.
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  16. Yeah, I don't disagree. It's got a heavier rock sound that Speak, which isn't to my personal taste, but I would concede that it is probably the "better" album
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  17. ALMP has one of my favourite art direction's for any record ever. I hope we get a vinyl soon, according to someone on twitter we will.
  18. Anyone else get the “Speak” vinyl and have it skipping right after the middle 8 on “Nobody Til You”? I’ve exchanged it twice and had the issue with all 3 copies...wondering if it’s a universal issue or just select ones
  19. Didn't caught this but will check. Rumors sounds like from another source than the rest though. Massive quality dip.
  20. Why do you have 3 copies?
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