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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Really? That's rather unfortunate.
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  2. Bought one, exchanged it due to the skip, received a copy as a replacement, exchanged it due to the skip, received another copy as a replacement.

    Also, I’m no expert at vinyl or record players, but three copies skipping (or getting stuck is actually what happens) at the same moment of the same track suggests it’s not a hardware issue on my end...but definitely open to that suggestion if anyone has a theory
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  3. I haven't had a moment to listen to my copy yet, but when I'm back in Nottingham, and I've got a moment, I'll give it a go
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  4. Mine skipped during Rumors and would not go past the middle eight. The next copy I got stuttered a little during Rumors but it continues the song. I decided to keep it but I do understand the frustration.
  5. I went on a run while listening to Speak. Wew, was I fast!
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  6. Where is Xanax though
  7. It’s called inner groove distortion.
  8. Remember Xanax? Yeah, neither do we. But... the Speak vinyl is coming out 6th of November in Europe? Yay.

  9. So glad we're getting this too, almost can't believe it! Let me get off @CasablancaRecs' neck for a minute in terms of threatening them to drop more new music...
    I think the Speak reissue did quite well (or better than I expected). Also thought they'd for sure print the original sticker as part of the cover like this but guess not and I'm not mad as the picture is gorgeous by itself!
  10. I don’t have a vinyl player or any vinyl collection to speak (reference) of but I NEED this. Such an underrated album.
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  12. I’ve never ordered of UO before, but being a USA based site/company, I’m shocked that shipping this to the UK is $30. Is this correct? I’m shocked by how much this would cost in total (which is unfair). So want this as it is an absolute classic!
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  14. Yes it is.

    I'm waiting for an EU release, same thing happened to Speak somehow.
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  15. A Little More Personal (Wig) should have been a Breakaway style smash of an album.

  16. Kelly should have taken the 5 million and recorded Black Hole.
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  17. I know this is unpopular so I'll small text it too, but agreed!
  18. I assume this wasn't posted here considering the last reply date but she previewed a song with Aliana (inevitable as we already knew) last month while promoting her jewelry line on IG Stories:

    Doesn't sound that promising to me but it's just a clip with mostly Ali so I'll wait before I judge. Dina did say they're both in it and that it's coming on top of this year I believe (but not like that means much) so maybe Ali's indie label will drop it as I also think Xanax is still somehow the intended upcoming release by Casablanca.

    Last thing Lindsay said was that the label wanted her in the US to shoot a video and do press rounds for it so the song could have a proper rollout but not sure if they're waiting for Covid to be over or what now considering she hasn't set foot there since late 2019...
  19. I think that's pretty typical. I'm US based and any time I order from the UK it's around 30ish. Sucks but it's been more expensive since Covid.
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  20. That's Ali's voice?!
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