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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I don't know why it's so funny to me that Lindsay Lohan of all people has one of my favorite album covers ever. It's just fantastic.
  2. Aliana Lohan in genuine talent shocker!
  3. Lindsays second album is such a strong body of work.

    If only it'd had 3 or 4 single cuts.
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  4. She has a pretty good voice, too bad she's a charisma vacuum. The "Lay Down" clip is particularly jarring to me because it sounds like Lindsay used her phone to record her bits but then again she's barely in that snippet
  5. Stop trying to make Aliana Lohan happen.
    She’s not going to happen.
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  6. Perhaps it's just me but splatter vinyls (is that what they call them?) just don't do it for me. That would have looked much better with just a red vinyl or even a marble effect.
  7. Splatters rarely ever turn out as great as they look on the mockup, unfortunately.
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  8. I mean, if we're going to talk about what is and isn't going to happen on a seven-year-old thread about a still unreleased album...
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  9. At this point is the best we can hope for a leak?
    There's zero schedule or sense of order but God knows we're all so hungry for it
  10. In fairness to Lindsay starting a musical “comeback” right when the world locks down due to a global pandemic is, ya know, really bad timing. So while history tells us this will be yet another opportunity she’ll blow off, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
  11. True but it also doesn't strike me as likely that Lindsay would go on an extended showcase tour all over the planet and wouldn't it be easy to place her in literally every American show with them now adjusted to remote performances and interviews and stuff? Every talkshow would take her happily since Lindsay still is of interest. Even easier than to go everywhere in person.

    Especially since I doubt it would help the numbers really. Because let's be honest who is waiting for Lindsay's musical comeback outside of a few gays? But who knows. And obviously I get your point still and understand they'd do what they think is best.
  12. I'm really excited about that and put really good energy on it to doesn't get canceled or whatever. Just release it already :(
  13. Lindsay definitely doesn't have the same access/resources as other people who are doing shoots, videos, etc. with Covid restrictions. And that isn't helped by the fact she lives in Dubai while her label and other creators/help is in LA. I don't think this alleged album is her or anyone's priority right now and that's okay.
  14. RMK


    Once Xanax is out there, everything will be fine. Don't know what the hold up is with that one.
  15. Just popped in to say I need my god damn "Xanax".
  16. Lindsay is on Clubhouse right now with Daniel and Jonathan from Mean Girls (and Perez...) she mentioned the Lullaby track (I guess it isn't called Lay Down then?) as it sounded like that's the title she gave (?) she was gonna play a song (probably that one) and tried sending to Perez but I don't think it worked. She's been having meetings that will bring her back to America in the next few months if all goes well but didn't specify for what. She sounded really good and grounded though, happy to hear her like this.
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  17. I was told her vocals are barely on Back To Me.....
  18. Her Lindsay Jean is coming.
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  19. Who said that? Alma has prominent bg vocals on the demo version's hook but sounds like her to me so I doubt that's true. And if it randomly is then what's taking so long for them to record a full album then??

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