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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Reliable
  2. It's clearly Lindsay's voice on Back to Me. Alma is probably mixed on the chorus which is pretty standard, but anyone who has heard Lindsay speak or sing before can tell its her.

    We don't need to start that conspiracy theory.
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  3. I would like to see some receipts, @mattw67
  4. Lindsay's hosting a room on Clubhouse again and color me surprised she hasn't forgotten about music yet, in fact kinda seems like she wishes she could release more than we would think and the label's probably holding her back (?) The were talking about cryptocurrencies/NFTs etc and felt like she wishes she could just drop the stuff she wants independently using those mediums too. She mentioned the song she has with her sister again and how it means a lot to her but sounded like the label is not sure about releasing it ddd also mentioned Coming Back to Me and how they realized people wanted a music video for it, she's still gonna do it but I didn't understand if she meant the video or just more music in general. We'll see if the projects she mentioned she's going to the US for this or next month are music related.
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  5. I just need Xanax. Can they not just plop it on Spotify?
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  6. Perez just joined and asked if she plans on releasing content/music as NFTs and she said she wants to release Xanax as an NFT.... but is unsure how that will work?! I don't know how NFTs work either so I barely understand the conversation, seems like she's afraid she'll lose the rights to it? Also appears like she's really been actively planning (with the help of her boyfriend and the Sahil guy that are hosting the room with her) on releasing the songs she did with her sister and other artists as NFTs, specifically the "meaningful" one that she did in Dubai with Ali and a DJ.
  7. What the fuck is an NFT?
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  8. Not For Traction? rip.
  9. I think the longer this drags out the less likely we will get anything officially released.
  10. Norman Fucking Trockwell?
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  12. Not Popjustice schooling me again on the latest trends. Thanks for posting that link @jmmc13. It’ll be interesting for a popstar to be a pioneer for this type of technology.
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  13. Me reading that:

    Me after reading that:
  14. Well looks like the Lullaby song is indeed dropping today as an NFT.

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  15. We’re never getting “Xanax”, are we?

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  16. The label's been withholding Xanax for some reason. I never heard her say it directly but someone stated they've been waiting for her to finally be back in the US so she can properly film a video for it and do some sort of promo since she couldn't do that for Back to Me but it's likely just wishful thinking from fans. Casablanca updated their website recently and she is still on the roster so who knows.

    Also no clue what this is:
    Probably nothing and just some sort of background thing for the site since I believe that's one of those free license instrumentals?

    Anyway, Manuel Riva posted about the Lullaby NFT dropping today so I guess he's the DJ Lindsay mentioned on Clubhouse who produced it. I remember she had name dropped him last year during the Back to Me Q&As too.
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  17. Still sending good energy to this release, cause i really want this album to be release. I think i'm enough of shelved albums on my life
  18. Now that we have the debut and Personal on vinyl I also request a proper third album release.

    Doubt there is much demand though.

  19. Not sure how the NFT stuff is actually meant to work, but it looks like a fan has already acquired the song and uploaded it to YouTube. It's pretty unremarkable.
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