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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I remember listening to Stuck and Can't Stop Won't Stop all the time when they leaked and they're still great honestly.
  2. I haven't heard this in almost ten years. This takes me back.
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  3. Playground (feat. Pharrell) would be a lovely leak.
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  4. So striking. Every little element works so well.
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  5. She really was that "IT" girl during this time. She was everywhere. Shame how it all turned out.

    I'd rather her do a big acting comeback, but music is the next best thing. I always liked her songs. Definitely guilty pleasures.
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  6. Why am I just finding out she directed this on her own? Such an amazing video. She was so ahead of her peers in terms of portraying emotion.
  7. Black Hole still transports me into another dimension.
  8. I remember watching the Making The Video special for this nn
  9. I DO TOO! I also remember the one for Rumors I think ddd
    What a time!
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  10. @Drew might recall it better than I do since I believe he's mentioned it a few times to other people but that track's existence was pretty much dispelled when she confirmed the Spirit in the Dark title didn't come from her/wasn't real to a fan on Twitter in the early 10s as the original source was the same for both. And if we track it down properly, the Rolling Stone article that mentions Playground/Spirit and gave credibility to that third album charade links back to a Perez Hilton (yuck) post that has its source on a random Lindsay fansite who appears to have indeed made it all up.

    The rest is certainly due to fans spreading it around considering there's never any other source? I wouldn't be surprised if she never ended up recording anything with Pharrell either despite their plans back then or we probably would've learned something more concrete about that for sure. I think the only other real titles we haven't heard are the ones she played during her DJ sets in early 2010 - “Let It Be Me” and "Refill" (if she ever recorded those herself as well since I believe she implied in the same Twitter Q&A everything she had done around that time had leaked).
  11. Yea, thats my memory of it. She told fans on twitter Playground didn't exist and the album never had a title. I think she said she'd only recorded "like 5 songs". More than that has obviously leaked, but its likely she just didn't remember the exact number. She later said in an interview she had been recording lots of urban and hip hop stuff and that "didn't make any sense". Eventually she stopped returning calls to her a&r.
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  12. Maybe some of the leaked songs were already quite old when we got them as well and she was no longer even considering them at the time? But then that would discredit the theory that she leaked all of those herself... I remember reading someone saying on the older thread about her third album here how they had songs like Walka Not a Talka and Stay since 2006/2007 or whatever which would make sense (since Mya released Walka in 2007 per example) but I guess they could've been lying (?) I wouldn't put it past her to play demos sung by others that she was yet to record during her DJ sets and label them as if they were her/hers though ddd
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  13. She recorded Stay when she was dating Samantha Ronson so I always assumed that was recorded in 08 in the same general time frame as Bossy.

    From Nylon in 2009:

  14. A Sia mention? Truly ahead of her time.

  15. Did we ever figure out if this was actually Lindsay or not? ddd
  16. It's definitely not Britney. Might be Myah Marie. But yes, it is Lindsay.
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  17. It's late 00's pop demos queen Lolene!
  18. I love all those leaks, queen. Can't believe this might be actually happening for the 5th time this year.
  19. [​IMG]

  20. Taste too. I think her and Sia were buddies from that LA scene for a bit back then, right? I remember an iconic pic of them doing a funny pose where Lindsay was blonde but I haven't been able to find it as I was sure I'd saved it somewhere, and the only thing that pops up online for me now is one of them from the Liz & Dick days. However I did come across another iconic pic I saved of Lindsay with Grace Jones I forgot existed!

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