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Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. It's a bop, i'm dead at realising the single cover is a 2014 magazine shoot though.
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  2. Chillin' With You found stressed.
  3. She also said she wants to get Britney to dance with her in the video. I'm here for it.
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  4. I can’t believe that out of all people, it’s Lindsay freaking Lohan who scammed her way back onto a major label and actually managed to get a song out. I’m totally here for it. Just wish the song hit a bit harder but it’s cute. Excited to hear more if we ever actually get to
  5. She's the Pop Girl we always knew we needed but was too busy in Mykonos. I will die if Refill makes it to the album, glad to hear Xanax will be there too. What a gift.
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  6. It would be nice if she released a cute album and did a club tour next year, stopping in Mykonos of course!

    I won't really use this new song but Xanax was very good quality with a genius sample. More of that please.
  7. I’m scratching my head to why Back To Me is labeled explicit? Shit is still considered explicit in music?
  8. She sounds great in this! Surprise comeback.
  9. Stuck definitely deserves a proper release. I can't believe she's giving us everything we want supposedly.
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  10. I like to refer to this as “pulling a RuPaul”
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  11. This fan account seems to have grabbed screenshots of the relevant replies and posted this Twitter thread for those that missed it:


    I'd be very surprised if most of what she said ends up happening but it's nice to see her excited and planning stuff again.

    She's also going to be live on Instagram again later today and people can ask questions on her stories from earlier.
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  12. Lindsay just said her dog lived til he was 27 years old... I know it's not impossible but it seems a tad far fetched, no?
  13. Well I guess it's not later, she's live now.
  14. RMK


    I definitely don't think Bossy or Stuck would be on her album. I'm sure there are legalities stopping that.
  15. Lindsay said she would love to work with Lana, Miley, Taylor et al. She mentioned wanting to release music videos for the new songs again. Confirmed Cursed is in the works and she's also still working on Honeymoon's script. Then she talked about letting her fans down a lot of times, didn't release more material before because it didn't feel honest to her.

    Someone uploaded a video:
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  16. 27 dog years maybe?
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  17. Yes, it definitely is. Because it is explicit...
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  18. The “Bossy” comment was about getting it back on streaming worldwide since there are places that don’t have it. But I don’t see why that or “Stuck” couldn’t be on the album?
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  19. The idea of Bossy taking *checks notes* twelve years to find an album is killing me. Only Lindsay.
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