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Lindsay Lohan -- forever in search of a career resurrection -- is now setting her sights on reigniting her singing career ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay was in a New York City recording studio over the weekend, experimenting with various tracks. Lindsay has one hit under her belt -- "Confessions of a Broken Heart -- which is in the pop genre, but we're told she's now more interested in EDM.

Our sources say Lindsay has not signed with a label yet but that's what she's gunning for.

We're told Lindsay has gotten advice and support from friends, including Lady Gaga and Max from The Wanted.

Well this thread is a bit premature. I mean lets be honest- this is not gonna actually happen. Also 3th?
La Lohan better come correct, or don't come at all. Her voice is beautiful but EDM? It's not 2010 anymore honey. She needs to go for a more alternative-R&B sound, maybe a little acoustic.

Is 'Playground (feat. Pharrell)' still the first single? Given his resurgence on the Hot 100.
Still love all them leaked tracks from a while ago. I Wanna Be Bad, Too Young To Die and Stuck are amazing, Bossy also remains a jam. Hope the album is actually called '3th'

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I Wanna Be Bad was amazing, I actually think she should just put it on the album anyway.