Lindsay Lohan - General Discussion

Let’s be honest, these movies aren’t going to be thought of as outstanding films. They were always going to be cute Netflix romcoms. And they are cute. They’re the kind of movies where people want fluffy and corny from. It delivers in that sense.

The intention for Lindsay and her team is to get her back out there in the mainstream and show the industry she’s capable of having an acting career again.

Success all round, I’d say. She has a third Netflix movie slated for end of the year then that deal is done and hopefully she can move on to bigger and better.
The movie was truly dire but she was compelling and sold it as best she could.

I think she has timed this Netflix deal well, as whereas a few years ago this would have been fodder for the media to make fun of (like her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick) people’s perception of these straight to streaming movies are a bit more mellow and people are willing to accept them for what they are. The reach of even a flop movie on Netflix is huge and puts you back in the public consciousness much more than the talk show circuit or traditional media ever would.

I think there is a window of genuine goodwill that she has and a moment of cultural receptiveness for her to show she’s pulled throughand her team need to use everything that have got to pivot into a serious role that re-credentialises her as an actress. She has been pretty direct before in saying that Emma Stone essentially has the career she should have had, if she had not messed things up.

That’s why, beyond pushing for Xanax on streaming until the day I die, I am more than comfortable with Lindsay stepping away from music and just focusing on acting.