Lion Babe - Begin (Debut Album)


Oh how unfair it would be if this slides down the page with no attention, this is my jam right now, so smooth.
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Re: Lion Baby - Treat Me Like Fire

I like it! Sonically it reminds of the sort of thing Solange is doing at the moment.

Who is she though? Would like to know a bit more about her.


they // she
Re: Lion Baby - Treat Me Like Fire

I guess I'll have to find another song for the next PJSC then...

(I like this song a lot, though the singer's voice can be grating at times.)

Conor, the thread title needs a slight change.
Re: Lion Baby - Treat Me Like Fire

She was featured on an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race AllStars this season - she performed a number with Chad Michaels and whatever manatee he was paired up with. She was FEROCIOUS so the Lion Babe stage name is completely appropriately. I don't mind the song but it's always hard for these mid-tempo songs to build properly, isn't it?
This remains effortlessly brilliant, oh and here's the video.


What Beyonce should be doing.

Found it via Disclosure's Bedtimemix.

Modern classic.
The EP is out on Itunes and streamable too

The self-titled debut EP from New York's R&B duo has finally arrived as Jil Hervey (lead vocalist) and Lucas Goodman (instrumentalist) close out the year and prepare for bigger things to come in 2015. This six-track effort includes the popular Childish Gambino collabo "Jump Hi" as well as previous fan-favorites such as "Treat Me Like Fire" and "Little Dreamer." On this beautifully produced project, the dynamic pair boast a natural ability to masterfully fuse electronica with R&B and soul elements for a vibrant groove that's tough to contain. Vibe with Lion Babe above.

Itunes link

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