Lisa Marie Presley (RIP 1968 – 2023)

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Here's a video I recently put together. I wish there were more HQ clips/video clips but most of it is pretty poor, sadly.

Anyway, I had fun doing it.

Long shot but does anyone know where I might find a good quality version of her video for 'Sinking In'? The only thing I can find on YouTube is... potato quality at best.
Nothing will ever truly heal the terrible grief she has experienced in her life, but I hope this celebration of her father is helping her get through these challenging times in some small way.

I’ve been listening to Storm & Grace a lot recently and it’s such a spectacular album. Hopefully she manages to reconnect with music again soon.
It sounded/looked like new music was immanent before the death of her son so who knows how much was actually ready.
She still seems so very broken from it but I'm glad that seeing her Father's legacy portrayed in a way she saw suitable is getting her back into the world.