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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Stepsmatt, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. So her album got released in South Africa. Here is the tracklist:

    01 Lately
    02 Too Far Gone
    03 Electric
    04 Back in Time
    05 Obscebely Delicious
    06 Boy on the Dancefloor
    07 Give You My Love
    08 Make It Last Forever
    09 Sleazy
    10 I''ll Wait for You
    11 You''re No Good For Me
    12 Rush
    13 Never Or Now

    So what do we think?
  2. I hope it will be released on I Tunes over here.I only have the first four songs.

    Im one of those sad people that didnt get those tracks when they leaked.There isnt any new tracks on there though??
  3. Rob


    The following tracks are arguable new, thoguh a lot of people have them already, and there''s a slightly reworked version of I''''ll Wait for You.

    07 Give You My Love
    11 You''''re No Good For Me
    12 Rush
    13 Never Or Now

    This whole thing just proves what an utter sham her management are (like we needed more convincing) - why the fuck would they release the album in South Africa where she has no fans, and then not even tell the fans who will buy it about its release?!
  4. (From her offical site):

    Lisa''s First solo album ''Never or Now'' has now been released in South Africa via Sheer Music.

    Unfortunately UK fans at this time will not be able to import due to licensing laws in South Africa, But there is no need to worry as there are plans to be able to buy it from, & but it will be on a first come basis, as there will only be a limited number of copies that will be available to buy.

    For those who don''t get the copy from these websites, you will still be able to download the album, as it WILL be made available for downloading in the UK with dates still to be confirmed.

    In Lisa''s own words "The album is like a journey, I start off as a ''Dance Diva'' with the sexy little dance track ''Lately''! This is followed by a portion of pop/dance before turning ''Rock Chick'' with some







    Hmmm.... Looks quite cheap and rushed.... I''ll still try and get a copy though... :P lol
  5. Has she actually ever had a hit in South Africa? Why are they releasing there?

    Shame they''ve just used the Unleashed cover and most of the songs from it. They may as well have just called it Unleashed - a much better album title than Never or Now......
  6. The front cover makes me think of that scene in Resident Evil with the criss-cross lazers.
  7. I dont think shes even released a single there with steps!

    I think Concept are licensing the album out to anyone who wants to fund a release around the world
  8. that nose is just...wrong.
  9. App Lately was releashed there, but I dunno if thats true.
    As for Carl releashing the almost HQ album art now.....well thats just asking for copies to be knocked up and flogged before its ''released'' here.
  10. I''m not sure how the currency converts from South African money but R124.95 seems like an awful lot for an LSL album.

  11. The song "Never or Now" sounds very good... It''s really catchy:). It''s a shame that we haven''t more new songs...
  12. it''s about £9
  13. Popb!tch, you have bloody Dannii Minogue in you avatar.

    It''s a bit sad to be criss-crossed out on your own album cover. I do like the back, but she clearly can''t take face-on pictures, bless, just work it from the side like Mariah on her step machine holding a pizza slice.

    If they are enabling a download option, then why not make all the tracks available on download or at least a lot more than 13?
  14. That''s a different tracklisting to what''s on the inlay. We get a new song called ''High'' instead of ''Boy On The Dancefloor''.

    I''m just glad it''s out. She can finally say that she''s released her own album. A ''''journey'''' indeed Lisa.
  15. I''ve just ordered 2 copies of this, one for me and my best friend, and it works out about £24 for both including postage. No idea how long it will take for them to arrive though, but I''ll keep you all posted!
  16. well, yes, i think Dannii has a nice nose, and is just generally gorgeous!
  17. Rob


    Where did you order them from? I must have one!
  18. I love Lisa! I doubt this will do any good though. Don''t think cheese is in these days, she needs to get in with some trendy Indie band - some how I can''t imagine!!

    Or she should have run for Eurovision maybe! there''s an idea for future, Lis! x
  19. According to her myspace, "High" isn''t on the album...
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