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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Stepsmatt, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Agreed! Since Steps' triumphant return I have been playing Lisa's album a lot and Back In Time is so, so good.
  2. I remember a song she has co-written with Point 4, named "Music Is My Lover". It was recorded by a band called Beyond. Wished it made the album.
  3. My father went to the UK in the fall of 2003 and dutifully headed to the shops with my list of requests - Lisa, Rachel Stevens, and the like. (I stifled the urge to ask why he didn't get the version of Come & Get It with the DVD.)

    I'm still gutted we never got Lisa's and Sarah Whatmore's debut albums as intended. It was fun when Lisa put Boy on the Dancefloor online one year as a holiday (?) treat. Of the songs we did get, Back in Time is definitely a standout but I love Obscenely Delicious.
  4. The first 5 songs on Never Or Now are all incredible.

    Recently I've also been loving I'll Wait For You too. I love the tone to Lisa's voice.
  5. I don't think #11 was respectable back then though. It was top 5 or go home back then. Hear'Say voluntarily split up because they got to number 6! Seems ridiculous now you could be dropped for a #11 record, but it only spent 4 weeks in the top 75 and wouldn't have broken even. It was very hard to make money out of physical singles when sales were dropping, the charts were so competitive and promotional costs were so high.
  6. It's a good song, wouldn't have saved her solo career, but would have been better placed on Never or Now instead of the Electric b-sides. Though, the production isn't that much different from Boy On The Dancefloor, maybe thats why she never used it.

    Yeah, it was different back then. Before you even get that #11 spot, you've had to spend a fortune on the song, the video, the promo, the press, the actual physical product. So she'd probably be running at a loss when that charted.

    These days you just need to record it, upload it to itunes and drop a tweet get an idea of interest then you can decided whether to invest in the song, produce a video, do some promo, press etc.
  7. It's so bizarre to see this thread bumped up.
  8. Maybe Lisa will see it and unleash album number 2!

    (she is allowed to release music in Dubai right?)
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  9. I'd like that, for sure!

    What I meant is that I started this thread, back in the day, and at the time it was a total flop and now it's up ten pages and still being posted in.

    I'm glad that people still want to talk about Queen Lisa, though.

    Should I change the thread to Lisa Scott-Lee - General Discussion ?
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  10. Lately (soda club radio edit) is fabulous, why it wasn't released instead of the single version
    is beyond me?
    Also, I still have a soft spot for Sleazy.
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  11. Does anyone have the "I'll Wait For You" version that was in the album sampler? I definitely prefer the high vocals at the start of the chorus instead of the reworked, flat version we got on the final album.
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  12. I always mean to get this album but somewhat always forget to move it to the amazon cart
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  13. Do it! It's a great mid 00s pop/dance album, up there with Dannii's Neon Nights and Holly's State of Mind for me which I don't say lightly.
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  14. I second this. It really is worth it!
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  15. Back in Time is better than ANY Steps song.
  16. Gettit, Anthology. Great pop record filled with those ass shakers we all love.
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  17. Searching for old Too Far Gone performances and found this unreleased track. Where has this come from?! I've never heard of it before. There's others as well.
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  18. Is that her?
  19. It definitely sounds like Lisa, just a very raw demo. I haven't seen this one mentioned before?
  20. That is definately Lisa
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