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Lisa Scott-Lee - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Heretic, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I remember finding the Come & Get It dvd edition in fopp’s clearance sale for £3. That was a happy day. I also got Celine’s A New Day Has Come for the same price. This was in like 2005/2006, so they were still pretty expensive
  2. Is there a list of Lisa’s unreleased material and what has leaked?
  3. Was anyone aware of this demo ‘Uh Oh’? It’s not very good, but was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. Never seen it mentioned before.


  4. With a bit of spit and polish it wouldn't sound out of place on Danniis Neon Nights.

    I assume it's old?
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  5. I’d imagine so, I guess from 2004ish? Wonder who the guys voice is too.
  6. Were any of those B list at capital?
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  7. Dua's Hallucinate give me strong Lately vibes to the point I'm going back to Lisa's album and I'm still surprised to find out its rollout was such a mess? It's so good, and almost on par with my early 00's favorite pop albums. Give You My Love in particular is stunning.

    I still have never listened to Steps, nor do I want to xx
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  8. Her solo song in Steps slaps
  9. I don't know. I'm probably showing my age but I rarely can't get into anything that recalls the Schlager music I've heard at random parties or places over the years nn.
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  10. I've had Lately stuck in my head all week - Never or Now is such a solid pop record, I love it.
  11. It's all about Lately (Soda Club Radio Edit), one of my favourite remixes of all time.
  12. I'll Wait For You is another favorite of mine. I wish the last third of the album wasn't all over the place though.
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  13. Yeah the album is really great, glad i discovered it a couple of years ago. Back In Time, Boy on the Dancefloor and Lately are megabops!
  14. Back In Time remains a classic lost bop.
  15. Wow! Never heard Lisa's (original) version of "Music is my Lover". Thank you.

    Her album has some very solid songs: "Back In Time", "Sleazy" and "Make It Last Forever" are all still strong today for me.
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  16. Never Or Now fits right in with all the other great mid 00s electropop albums like Come and Get It, State of Mind and Neon Nights. Lisa Scott Lee made such a good popstar, I am glad we know the truth.
  17. The people who decided Never or Now and You’re No Good For Me we’re worthy have no concept of cohesion.
  18. That's not Lisa singing the Make It Last Forever chorus, is it?
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