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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Stepsmatt, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I have the full length version of "No Other Day" - its ok but with "I''ll Wait For You" already on the album there was no need for another similar sounding track. I also have a newly recorded full length track that Lisa collaborated on that is very good. Can''t mention it though.

    Milky x

  2. why did you then?
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  3. Anyone know what number Never or Now charted if its eligible to chart, i''m getting confused it it is or not
  4. tommie

    tommie Guest

    As I understand it, download-only albums are not eligible to chart.
  5. Rob


    I paid about €28 for it, I''m a bit pissed off actually as I realised that Benelux had it the next day (I''ve used them before though and they''re very good).
  6. You seem to have all forgotten about the amazing cover of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do", from the Greasemania album.

    It''s a shame she didn''t put that song on her album and make it the title track....
  7. lol, you could brag for Britain!
  8. Apparently the album will be released as cd in UK on July, 16th according to Amazon...
  9. No, it''s not being released in the UK. Amazon are just selling South African imports of it. I highly doubt there will be a physical CD now, any one who wanted it downloaded it (Whether that be 2 years ago when Carl leaked it or when it was on iTunes is irrelevant).
  10. My copy from arrived yesterday, and it''s exactly the same as the South African one, EXCEPT, they''ve fixed the tracklisting mistake on the back, and You''re No Good For Me (as it''s called) is listed on the back, and on the front it doesn''t have the "Lisa from Dancing On Ice" thing at the top right, so I''d advise anyone who wants the album to get it from there, it only cost me 21 Euro inc postage, which isn''t too bad.
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I finally got my copy of ebay today.. since it was sealed and all it must be ''the real thing'' but I''m still wondering: do all copies look so bootleggy?
    (I know the design is supposed to be terrbible, but for example: the smaller lines on the backcover are quite blurry and hard to read like it''s a cheap colourcopy..)

    Apart from that: glad I have it, to bad they didn''t at least include all b-sides and Get It On so it would feel more complete, but now I finally have completed my Steps-collection, owning all the singles/albums (apart from some foreign versions, but at least I have all the material)
  12. It''s available on now I think?!
  13. Rob


    Aghhh, my copy from Ebay still hasn''t turned up...
  14. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    I don''t think you should tar all gay men with the same brush.

    We don''t all like shit music.
  15. Most do. Amazon seem to think so too.

    Milky x
  16. They're re-running Totally Scott Lee... I think that "Rescue" song she was recording sounded pretty decent, would like to see someone else record it. Same goes for "Never Or Now", with different vocals and production I can see someone having a hit with it.

    Concept must have folded by now...?
  17. Rescue and I Was Made For Loving You should have been on the album instead of Make It Last Forever in my opinion, but oh well
  18. ohrohin

    ohrohin Moderator

    I'm still confused.

    "Electric" is just as good as "Piece of Me" and "Feedback."

    I wonder why all the industry hateration for the Scott-Lee. Maybe no one's forgiven her for being part of Steps.
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