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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Stepsmatt, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. See, I don't get that. Steps were huge.
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  2. moorje

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    The fact that she doesn't actually care about the music and was just desperate for a chart position is surely the obvious reason.
    It's so arrogant to think that all the children who liked Steps would automatically like her. Having her appear in next to nothing in loads of papers and magazines in order to get coverage only added to her plight (as well as the children growing up).
    She shouldn't have made her desperation so obvious.
    I've heard worse songs than Electric that did better. But who cares, she's just relying on former glories to keep her fame hungry head above water.
  3. Can anyone tell me why the album didn't even manage to chart at UK top 200 album charts..I mean Steps were huge in the UK nd getting an album into top 200 is easy for her but still the album is a non charter.
  4. It wasn't physically released in the UK, only in South Africa for some reason. We got it on iTunes much later if memory serves me.

    I've been listening to it again for the first time in years and it's still a good pop album, kinda like a long lost Dannii Minogue/Holly Valance album. The first 5 songs are all amazing and I really have developed a newfound love for the ballad I'll Wait For You. Lisa really was a great popstar.

    She should have released the brilliant Back In Time as the second single. It could all have been so different!
  5. I love the Never or Now album but I still wish we'd get Burnt Out and Falling in a full release.
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  6. Same here. That track sounded amazing, I wish Let Me Inside had been released too. It's a shame Bad Girl only ever leaked via Jenny Frost's version.
  7. It is a shame the album never got an official physical release in the UK. I've always assumed it was because there was some legal standing with her MTV contract "to give up her solo career" which is why we never got it, and why in one of the episodes of Totally Scott-Lee, Nathan Moore says if she doesn't get her Top 10 placing, they can always try and take the album abroad (meaning, if she didn't get Top 10 and had to quit, then they would only be able to sell it outside the UK).

    Listening to the album how it was released I feel the album never really flowed properly, so I made my own "UK" version, which I made on physical CD and the Queen LSL herself liked when I shared it on twitter. (Includes the smash hit Get It On and leaves off the atrocious Make It Last Forever which features more session singer than LSL).

    1. Lately
    2. Get It On
    3. Electric
    4. Rush
    5. Never Or Now
    6. Boy On The Dancefloor
    7. Give You My Love
    8. Sleazy
    9. Too Far Gone
    10. U Sure Do
    11. I'll Wait For You
    12. Back In Time
    13. Obscenely Delicious
    14. Don't You Want My No.?
    15. You're No Good For Me

    I am really here for more of the original Unleashed album tracks to leak. I am also dying to know if there was ever a completed tracklist for the album as it was originally planned to be released in the November of 2003 after the U Sure Do / I'll Wait For You single.
  8. I'm pretty sure I did have the Unleashed tracklisting somewhere. I'll have to find it.

    I'm certain U Sure Do was not going to be on the album for some reason.
  9. See, I seem to remember seeing an alleged tracklist for it back in the day and it didn't have U Sure Do on it, but that was confirmed as the 3rd single AA-Side with I'll Wait For You until everything was cancelled.

    I still can't believe Mercury/Fontana pulled the plug so quickly on the project though. Even if they realised the album might've only sold in H&Claire numbers surely the thing to do would be not distribute too many copies... It's not as if there were tons of big name collaborators on the album if memory serves me well.
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  10. It is very frustrating, especially as Too Far Gone had charted at 11 which even for 2003 standards was respectable for a solo pop artist. I'm sad the double A side never got the release it deserved, along with the album.
  11. Is there any way to watch her first two solo music videos? Her Vevo account doesn't feature any of her official music videos.
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  12. I miss the video of Lately (Soda Club Radio Edit) that used to be on Youtube.
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  13. I love the "Too Far Gone" b-side, "That's That". The album was very good overall too. "Rush" is a rush, etc.
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  14. I think the head of Mercury changed not long after she signed, and wasn't a fan.

    She should have signed with sony/jive if it were an option. So should handclaire. They'd probably have been given more of a chance since they'd had 5 years probven history with them.
  15. 'Back In Time' should have been a single and I honestly think 'Lately' was better than majority of Steps singles
  16. Back In Time still sounds amazing. Didn't the fans get to vote between that and Too Far Gone for Lisa's second single? Silly fans.

    The Soda Club Radio Edit of Lately is better than most things in life.
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  17. The Soda Club version should have been the single version. Its amazing.
  18. I heard that before I heard the album/single version which was a disappointment in contrast. It is so much better! It's the only version I've ever listened to it. Genuinely one of my favourite 00s songs.
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  19. Back in Time is a pop masterpiece and I'm being 100% serious when I say that.
  20. I had the Lately leak from November 2002 that was the radio edit, when the Soda Club edit leaked everyone lost their minds thinking they'd remixed it for release... It's a shame they didn't.
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