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Lisa Scott-Lee has a baby boy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SBK, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. SBK


    ... Nearly three weeks ago!

    For some reason she's been keeping it a secret...
  2. has a baby boy......for dinner?
  3. "I'm pleased to announce that I'm doing a new series of Totally Scott-Lee where viewers can vote for which gender my baby will be! If they say a girl, I'll never give birth again."

    That's why she's keeping it secret. She'll have the birth filmed and everything.
  4. CheapPop

    CheapPop Guest

    I love Lisa!
  5. She probably did inform the press but nobody thought it was worth reporting. She wants to keep it away from Carl Birch, he will be wanting to chop its willy off and plait its hair.
  6. i didnt even know xhe was pregnant!
  7. Well congratulations to Lisa and Johnny
  8. Maybe she's kept the whole thing under wraps because:

    a.) She hasn't quite worked out herself what she has given birth to or

    b.) She struck a deal with OK! in which they will pay £13.23 for exclusive shots of the baby.
  9. Its the big "reveal" in Hello! magazine deal she signed. Ok! wanted the photos but Hello! offered her a LOT more.

    Milky x
  10. I can tell you it is a LOT more than that figure...

    Milky x
  11. SBK


    I was banned for saying i thought lisa was being a bit ridiculous not telling anyone she'd had it. its not like people are gonna hide in trees outside her house to get pictures... shes lisa scott-lee not Britney.

    I was promtley unbanned after moaning about how pathetic banning me for my opinion was
  12. Maybe it's because nobody really cares *that* much?
  13. Both Ok! and Hello! cared enough to bid against eachother for the photos...

    Milky x
  14. Three weeks?!
    Surely she would be allowed to tell the world about their bundle of joy that's arrived into the world. Just not release any photo's until the magazines have been out. Christina & Britney and every other mag-deal-momma has done that.

    It's like when Andy & Michelle got engaged and weren't allowed to tell anybody first.
  15. SBK


    and remember how upset lisa was about that!
  16. OK! interviews Jordan every week, and has Katona as a columnist. I really don't think you can use them as a benchmark of competitive journalism. I don't read Hello, it's rubbish.

    Milky darling, I know you love The Lee, but come on!
  17. Michelle Scott-Lee: "Why are you in pain, and squattin like a proper dick-ed lass?"

    Lisa Scott-Lee: "I need a shit, but Hello magazine aren't returning my calls!"

    Micheel Scott-Lee: "Quick, it's okay babez, I'll get mi mobile oot so u can poop in noo time"

    Nurse: "I thought you said you were having a baby Lisa?"

    Lisa Scott-Lee: "fame is a desperate game, remember!"

    Or something.
  18. Hello magazine has gone down on my list of 'worthy' magazines since they decided to run a story on Javine and her fetus. Doing a story on Lisa would certainly be an upgrade.

    I bet Lisa's baby is cute.
  19. Good lord. It all makes one wonder who's reading Hello! and OK doesn't it? How are they still in business?

    If there are people in this country who actually need to spend £2.99 or however much Hello! costs on a Lisa Scott Lee baby spread, then our society has gone to shit.
  20. SBK


    Apparantly she wont tell anyone its name either...

    im betting shes merged johnny and lisa and come up with something like JONLI or LIJON

    its just the sort of thing she'd do
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