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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by hypabeen, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. I also totally love the b-side I'm Burning. It's a shame she didn't include it on the album when it finally came out as it would be nice to have it on Spotify now.
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  2. Thinking again about how this is one of the best songs of all time

  3. I really need the remixes added to streaming
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  4. I can see why many would claim the pop-rock tracks are out of place on the album but it was very “of the time”, Holly’s masterpiece State of Mind was much the same with a blend of electropop and pop-rock jams.

    In saying that, I think it would’ve been interested to have an electropopified version of “Rush” and the title track.
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  5. Does anybody know the names of the unreleased tracks?

    I’m aware of Tontomatic, but that’s it. Would be curious to know the names of the others and what they sounded like if heard?
  6. I remember this tracklisting of Unleashed doing the rounds years ago:

    01 Lately
    02 Back In Time
    03 Bad Girl
    04 Too Far Gone
    05 Obscenely Delicious
    07 Boy On The Dancefloor
    08 U Sure Do
    09 Sleazy
    10 Burnt Out and Falling
    11 I'll Wait For You
    12 Going Out To You
    13 Let Me Inside
    14 The Rhythm
    15 Tonomatic

    All the ones in bold didn't make the cut and are unreleased (except U Sure Do which is actually included on some random compilation on Spotify).

    I really want to hear Burnt Out and Falling in full, we've only ever heard a clip.
  7. There's this YouTube channel that has lots of unreleased Lisa stuff, does anyone know anymore about this song?

  8. SBK


    It was done around the time she did Dancing on Ice but nothing ever came of it, probably due to her exiting the show earlier than expected.
  9. There is a sampler (allegedly) that includes tracks Radiate and No Other Day, alongside Electric, Never or Now, and You're No Good for Me.
  10. I'll Wait For You is such a lovely song.
  11. It really is. I loved the UK's obsession with 'two fast songs, then a ballad' and this was a prime example of them getting that right (of course the public were fools).
  12. Thanks to everybody’s help in directing me to multiple websites, videos and links. I think I have now got a definitive list of songs recorded, both recorded and unreleased. Now if only she would put the material out, that would be great!

    • Lately
    • Too Far Gone
    • Electric
    • Get It On (feat. Intenso Project)
    • That’s That
    • I’m Burning
    • Don’t You Want My Number?
    • Make it Last Forever (NB Later used as an album track for Never or Now)
    Unleashed/Never or Now Album Tracks
    • Back in Time
    • Obscenely Delicious
    • Boy on the Dance Floor
    • Sleazy
    • Give You My Love
    • Make it Last Forever
    • I’ll Wait For You
    • You’re No Good For Me
    • Rush
    • Never or Now
    Unreleased Songs
    • Bad Girl
    • Tontomatic
    • Going Out To You
    • 24/7 (feat Skywalkers)
    • High
    • No Other Way
    • Radiate
    • Uh Oh
    • All I Need
    • Music is my Lover
    • Tripping (Over You) (NB this has the same backing track as Bananarama’s Love Bite)
    • What a Rush
    • Burnt Out and Falling
    • Let Me Inside
    • The Rhythm
    • U Sure Do (NB available on a ‘Girls Night Out’ compilation)
    • Sunshine After the Rain (feat Bel Air) (NB was available on a similar compilation as above but now removed)
  13. Missed promo opportunity I say!

  14. Yes! “Ride me, I’m electric”. Would be the perfect soundtrack to Megabus’s famous Bussy Galore.
  15. I imagine "Electric" being constantly played on the adverts to encourage electric bus transportation, and also on the bus themselves.

    LSL would also mandate that the fare would be purchasing the single to ensure it got into the top 10 (and probably number 1).

    Due to popularity, prior singles would also be reworked for the bus campaign. I'm currently brainstorming the new lyrics...
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  16. How does the bus run? Late(ly).
  17. A just laughed very loudly at this on the 275 to Walthamstow.
  18. Do you like my jokes? U sure do!
    However my sense of humour is too far gone.
  19. No no....too far scone!!!!

    Either way, hurry up and get your coat on, you've pulled... Get it on.
  20. Way too sleazy for my liking.
    You're no good for me.
    I way prefer the boy on the dancefloor.
    He's obscenely delicious.
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