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Lisa Stansfield - Deeper (album) and Billionaire (single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. UK soul-pop legend Lisa Stansfield is set to release her eighth studio album Deeper this Friday, April 6th. First official single is “Billionaire.

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  2. Really, really like "Billionaire". Her voice is lovely. Hope the album is more of the same.
  3. The new album is so much better than I was anticipating. Scarcely a duff track on it and she sounds fantastic throughout! "Twisted" and "Everything" are as good as anything from her heyday.
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  4. Have you heard the whole album yet?
  5. I have. It's been on t'internet for a couple of days now...
  6. wow..that is awesome..I need to check this out....I have to confess I did not like the first single but "Billionaire"is pretty good.
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  7. I'm here for this
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  8. Good to know!
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  9. Love the album! It's much better than her last album Seven.
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  10. Loving this album her best in years, she is doing a signing tmrw in Manchester HMV gutted i'm working
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  11. Just seen the video for Never Ever, this is how I like my Lisa Stansfield songs! Retro bop realness.
  12. UK Tour (followed by world) dates announced for Autumn 2019.

    The Affection Tour (to celebrate the 30th anniversary). However from the description it doesn't sound like she's going to do the customary thing now of performing the entire album plus greatest hits.
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