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Lisa Stansfield....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ron Parsons, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. love her a lot...and now she is back and in fine form!

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  2. Hmm, video not available...
  3. its showing up and playing for me
  4. OK maybe not available in my country then
  5. from youtube Lisa Stansfield song is called "Everything" from album "Deeper" April 6
  6. I'm in the US...I don't know how that country stuff works...sometimes I can't videos either
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  7. Me and my sister always used to laugh at her little curl on her forehead back in the day ha ha reminded us of Christopher Reeve as Superman.

    She is a great singer.
  8. here in the US, she cut that curl off in the video for either This Is The Right Time or You Can't Deny It...I always found her and her raspy voice sexy!
  9. Yep, alas can't play that video either. Looking forward big time to her return though, what a voice!
  10. Her voice has changed to me ,not as good as it was ,that’s all her s that’s done that
  11. Hopefully that video posted will be about everywhere to view soon.
  12. It's on Spotify UK!
  13. It's quite catchy. Not the best thing she's ever done but better than I was expecting.
  14. if someone from another territory can post the video....I don't know why so many can't see the video...I got it from US youtube the song is called Everything
  15. Doesn't work for me. Is it just the song or an actual music video?
  16. it's the song....isn't anybody else able to get youtube?
  17. When I click on the video above it just says "This video is not available". Doesn't come up via search on YouTube either. I'm sure it will show up soon.
  18. Yes same issue with me here, hopefully it will turn up soon!
  19. The uploader must have made it only available in the US?
    Its now on Spotify.... except its not working on the Australian Spotify... sigh
    They really don't want me to hear this thing
  20. I love the new song it's like a nod to the sound of her debut but a more updated version
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