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Lisa Stansfield....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ron Parsons, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. all I did was copy the link from Youtube, and posted it here...maybe I didn't do it right....I don't know...I see it every time I come in this thead
  2. No you did it right, I can see it on youtube... the video just won't play in some countries by the looks of it.
    Hopefully Lisa will upload the audio/video soon on her official vevo channel.
  3. I love Lisa, but I...don't know how I feel about this song just yet. The verses really don't work for me - it sounds like she's doing a bad impression of Róisín Murphy - but the chorus is good.

    It's a cute throwback to her older records overall though, and judging from the cover art that's what she's going for.
  4. 'People Hold On' was the highlight for me. I wish she'd done more stuff like that and 'This Is the Right Time'
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  5. Both bops!
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  6. So see this is on Google Play to listen for £1. May have to give it a go for that price.
  7. The album, "Deeper", is out April 6th, according to Apple Music.
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  8. Thanks for the update.
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  9. No problem! I had no idea she was even gearing up for a new album - even though she apparently announced it was coming as far back as October, oops - so it was a nice surprise to find it on iTunes. Here's the tracklist, too, if anyone is interested:
    Eaux @ "Ghetto Heaven"
  10. My friend has just bought tickets to see her live in London on 26th April, looking forward to seeing her.
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  11. Double thanks now! Ghetto Heaven seems so Lisa I think that title!
  12. I wonder if it and a few others are covers? A group called The Family Stand did Ghetto Heaven back in the early 90s.....
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  13. Never heard of that, but I do wonder now Indeed....
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  14. Look at it on YouTube.....good track! They didn’t have much success after the single as a group but did write a lot of Paula Abdul’s 2nd album Spellbound
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  15. I love that album so all sounds good to me if so!
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  16. Well, what a classy bop Everything is! The whole look of the album teaser last year and the album artwork recently gave me Affection era vibes, and now so does the song itself! Fantastic!
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  17. Definitely a cover of this

    Clever one too, it was big when she was first smashing.
  18. Sounds good!
  19. Finally heard Everything and I love it.
    I'm totally getting the Affection comparisons now.
  20. Yes, it really does scream that era too for me, so naturally love as it is her best era I think. Welcome back Lisa!
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