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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Apr 2, 2018.

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  2. There goes my lowest scores hopefully everything will keep being eliminated in my scoring order.
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  3. Ddd I deleted my triple post
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  4. I predict Devon, Sagrad, and Rasik will be the highest rated tracks from Halfaxa
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  5. Don't forget about Weregild and maybe My Sister Says the Saddest Things.
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  6. I want so bad to spill the tea right now, but I have to be strong.

    Today's final elimination coming soon.
  7. #61

    rsz_19534525_719857174868103_8821685645698138112_n (1).jpg

    My Score: 5
    (@japanbonustrack: 9.5) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@HappyBirthday, @happiestgirl, @enjoy: 3)

    While I don't stan for this by any means, I do think I slightly underrated it. It has atmosphere for days; there's something very primal, spiritual, and nocturnal about it. I think it probably suffers from blending in with the rest of Halfaxa. The instrumental could make for a great song---there's enough feeling and mood there---but in its current state, it doesn't really go anywhere (that's the issue with a lot of Halfaxa, TBH) and is ultimately forgettable. That's probably why such a small number of you commented on it.

    Sparse at it may be, let's get straight into the commentary. Grimes scholar caladan (9) educates us for the third time today: "It's based on a great sample from an Indian film. It's a very good song despite its short length." Cutlery (7) also points out the sample, but then fires some shots at another Unconventional Queen: "Icon of Indian film sampling, Björk’s Verandi found rotting. Mainly a glorified interlude, it suffers from fading a bit into the background despite being short, in other words it's pretty standard filler." Don't do all that! constantino (7) crowns it "the best interlude on the album, it feels just that bit more...impactful? The accompanying fan-made video definitely helps." Meanwhile, Trouble in Paradise (6) gets vulnerable: "It was pretty but it didn’t last very long. A description of both this song and many of my former romances." But do you have dolls that looks just like your former lovers?

    YouTube Comments Section

    undead catz: ♡

    Alan Morales: This is yoga music

    Celto de Gaia: remenber UFO'S

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  8. TOP 60

    Giedi Primes (9/11)=81% Remaining
    Sardaukar Levenbrech
    Zoal, Face Dancer
    Feyd Rautha Dark Heart
    Venus In Fleurs
    Beast Infection

    Halfaxa (11/16)=68% Remaining
    Sagrad Прекрасный
    † River †
    Swan Song
    My Sister Says The Saddest Things

    Darkbloom (3/5)=60% Remaining
    Crystal Ball
    Urban Twilight

    Visions (13/13)=100% Remaining
    Infinite ♥ Without Fulfillment
    Vowels = Space And Time
    Visiting Statue
    Be A Body
    Colour Of Moonlight (Antiochus)
    Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)
    Know The Way (Outro)

    Art Angels (14/14)=100% Remaining
    laughing and not being normal
    Flesh Without Blood
    Belly Of The Beat
    Kill V. Maim
    World Princess II
    Venus Fly
    Life In The Vivid Dream

    Extras (10/12)=83% Remaining

    Go (featuring Blood Diamonds)
    Medieval Warfare
    Entropy (with Bleachers)
    Phone Sex (with Blood Diamonds)
    Take Me Away (with Bleachers)
    Song For Ric
    Life After Death
    Dream World (with Majical Cloudz)​
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  9. Ddd @ me losing exclusively 7's today
    I hope the extras get punched a bit next
    I'm not ready yet to see SCREAM depart soon...
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  10. Damn, Halfaxa's kinda getting decimated for it being so early in the rate.
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  11. Eaux at me predicting Rasik to be a top rated Halfaxa track and then it proceeding to flop out in the next post.
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  12. Don't u mean «decimated»?
    Tea though
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  13. I feel like "I hope the extras get punched a bit" translates as "I hope Entropy fucks off next."
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  14. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ collect me a bit!
    I just think besides that one, the extras have a couple of other bad and/or uneventful tracks that should take the boot imo
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  15. No 'decapitated' meaning
    the top track was eliminated next.

    If @Canladian and Grimes are from the same country, do you know her? Your presence is so educational.
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  16. Does anyone have an idea of what the gorgeous sounding instrument is on Rasik? I know it's a sample of a song called Rasik Balma from a 1950s Hindi film but I can't find details on the instrument!
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  17. World Princess, Dreamfortress and My Sister Says the Saddest Things are the best tracks on Halfaxa and that is the tea.
    Not a big loss so far really.
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  18. Rasik deserved better. As expected, both Visions and Art Angels are going strong.
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  19. Perhaps is a erhu with its sound sent through various filters:

    Apparently Grimes bought a real erhu in 2013. She used it on Art Angels.
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  20. You can hear the sample at :20 here. Pretty neat.

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