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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. @Raichu There's something wrong with some pictures attached to elimination posts: they aren't displayed. I suggest you a hosting like, or
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  2. Surprised Gambang went so early, but it's all going swimmingly so far!

    I'm screaming at
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I think they should work now.
  4. #60


    My Score: 7.5
    (@japanbonustrack: 9.5) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Untouchable Ace, @enjoy, @happiestgirl: 2)

    This song doesn't sound like its title whatsoever: the instrumental has a sort of a lush, dreamy indie-pop sound and the gorgeous melody is gentle and lullaby-esque. I think y'all did it wrong. Yes, the glitchy bits are distracting and unnecessary and some of those vocals are rough, but like Gambang, dat melody just sounds so sweet and hypnotic and the instrumental puts me in a tranquil place. I'd go as far as to what that these kind of lovely melodies are what ultimately make Geidi Primes more enjoyable than Halfaxa, which feels more undercooked in that department. I might have been a little generous considering the technical shoddiness on display here, but I think a cleaned up version of this would be amazing.

    Let's start with caladan (8), who explains the song's...notable title: "Beast Infection is one of her saddest songs. The title is a wordplay between yeast infection and Beast (nickname of Rabbann, a character from the Dune universe)." Xanax (8.5) thinks the roughness of the vocals work to the song's benefit: "Loving the impulsive, bubbly instrumentation. Such a hopeful, light outro to a very otherworldly record. To me it feels like I am slowly returning home. The vocals are so good. They somehow manage to sound very alien and angelic yet so raw (a contrast that this whole album manages to obtain). Wish she´d return to these more lo-fi vocals someday again." I think "a return home" is a very apt way to describe it. If Dune was an indie road film, you could almost imagine this playing in the background. For Trouble in Paradise (5), the lo-fi aesthetic is doing a bit too much: "I really like the production and the atmosphere she creates but the vocals walk to line between vulnerably imperfect and annoyingly amateur." Cutlery (6) agrees: "Do any of y'all use Lana’s «Sirens» album? Remember the horrible autotune in the closer Birds of a Feather? Well Beast Infection is just that! Complete with glitches and butchering of Claire’s vocals, this is a bit too much, grating, even. Unfairly writes off GP leaving a bad taste in your mouth." It seems the Beast Infection has left a bad taste in Remorque's mouth because he awards 3.5 points and says, "Okay, so after picking up after I couldn't get into the first songs and then kinda losing me again with the entire half of the fucking album, she's officially lost me. And now I have to do Halfaxa next???" Update: Remorque managed to get through Halfaxa, discovered a few gems, and went on to rate the rest of her discography. happiestgirl gives 2 points...for the title: "This is such a funny title but....not a Can this even be called a song?" I mean, unless I've been hoodwinked (which is totally possible), I think it's indeed a song. constantino (7) speaks for The Beast Infection Appreciation Collective when he says: "We love a sweeping, cyborg-esque, dystopian closer with a slightly gross title!"

    YouTube Comments Section

    anum171: I feel this song in my soul. Its so

    Danni Carney: totally read this as breast infection at first glance. i was concerned.

    Mitra Kashani: This song feels like another dimension when you listen to it while spinning around in your desk chair with your eyes closed; no drugs needed my friends!
  5. I attempted to find a Birds of a Feather upload to prove my point but failed
    Anyway it's WACK so that's probably for the better
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  6. I actually tried to find one as well, to embed into the write up. Needless to say, I also failed lol.
  7. !!

    Surprised Beast Infection is gone so early, but I don't think I gave it a score much higher than its average.
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  8. Funny title, sad song. Beast Infection has a lot of atmosphere.
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    † RIVER †
    My Score: 5.5
    (@japanbonustrack: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@enjoy: 3)

    I see you, @† River †. Serving Madonna realness with your cute little crucifix accessories. If nothing else, Halfaxa's title game is sure inspired. I'm not sure this song is up to that much though. I love the mood: the rain/storm sounds are a nice touch and her vocals are very pretty. I indeed feel like I'm on a quest and my wagon is riding alongside a gleaming body of water and every so often I catch a glimpse of some underwater creature. But for all that, the song feels really one-note and monotonous. After awhile, those insistent vocalizations start to grate. There's just not enough room to breath. I feel like I'm hearing that backing vocal motif in my dreams now.

    caladan (6) is not impressed by ha crucifix jewlery, finding her "Quite unremarkable." Trouble in Paradise (5) makes a good argument for the insistence of the vocalizations: "I really like the percussive backing vocals and how much they capture the unceasing flow of a river. I just wish there was more to the song." Bitch, me too. The fuck.gif. Meanwhile, Mimi makes her triumphant return to this thread via Cutlery (6.5): "Serving Mariah fucking Carey! Gives me small astray fishing boat sailing on an in-cave sea surrounded by thick fog imagery too." Sanctuary (6), on the other hand, is hearing Kate Bush: "I do appreciate getting to hear what her voice could do when she uses it for the strangest and most obscure things - it’s a little Kate Bush - but this feels like a soundtrack to a Final Fantasy area inspired by Irish villages where a giant river snake lives or something ddd." Knowing Grimes, it probably is a Final Fantasy soundtrack. Or maybe a Shakespeare soundtrack, according to constantino (6): "c’mon Ophelia realness." Or maybe a CocoRosie soundtrack, according to Satyress (8): "If I didn't know it was Grimes, I'd have thought it was a CocoRosie song." Last but not least, Xanax (5) is feeling the river's tranquility: "A song I wouldn’t actively revisit because it feels kind of redundant…yet it does a pretty good job at being a calming point in Halfaxa."

    And with that, we have reached the end of this rather short river.

    YouTube Comments Section

    LUKSUSOWY PRODIGY: cute sound

    Nick R: ahhhhhh ahhh

    Dadmelis A. Solorzano: My loneliness brought me here... </3

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  10. River isn't much to write home about and this is a good place for ha
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  11. Next elimination Halfaxa and GP get a breather.
  12. Beast Infection was one of the songs I liked least in this collection (well, apart from the other more obvious ones) and RIVER ain't all that, seaux...

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  13. Poor one of the extras or SCREAM
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  14. Blast from the past: remember when Grimes absolutely dominated The Alt Pop Girls Rate? I didn't even have an account then but I read the whole thing.
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  15. Like she deserved.
    World Princess II placed embarrassingly low though, I hope that isn't the case this time around
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  16. Lacking a chorus is the biggest problem of River. It simply goes nowhere...
    Still, I underrated it a little. I should have give it a 7.
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  17. I'd say that Pin was robbed. #35 for this great song?
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  18. S
  19. The interesting for me has been seeing how the Art Angels tracks place here compared to that rate. My lips are sealed tho.
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  20. Grimes so deserved to dominate that rate. I like Froot and kinda like Honeymoon but they sound so ordinary compared to Art Angels.
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