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  1. Most albums sound ordinary next to Art Angels...

    PS: that Shura album was surprisingly good.
  2. Kinda going off-topic but generally I think
    AA >>> NR > HM ≥ FROOT >>> The Other One > Lady Moo
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  3. FROOT should be right after Nothing's Real.
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  4. I'm going to respect this next elimination's wishes and...take it away.



    My Score: 6.5
    (@Untouchable Ace, @Remorque: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Xanax, @Earth Intruders, @Trouble in Paradise: 2)

    I had some after-the-fact reservations about including this in the rate since it's not really a Grimes song and it doesn't have much of her in it. But now that it's gone, I guess that's a moot issue. In any case, I think there are some elements of a good song here: I love the dark, moody production, with that insistent rolling synth. It makes the soundscape feel like nighttime despair and regrets and that, my friends, is a vibe. And Grimes vocals are some of her most sensual and beautiful. But Antonoff's voice is...just not very interesting. I'd almost go as far as to say that he should get other vocalists to sing his songs. I'm sure there's no shortage of people who want to sing on an Antonoff track. That being said, it's not like the melody, with the exception of the Grimes bit, is that interesting either and I'm not sure the song would go anywhere even with a better singer. It kind sounds a bit like a really polished demo to me: some good ideas, but not too much to grasp onto.

    In your commentary, y'all were some shady binches and I'm living for it. We'll start with constantino (5): "So" cadalan gives it a 6 and simply says, "Nice," which could be a compliment but sounds like shade to me. Xanax's (2) only commentary is this symbol: "/" I don't know what that means, but it can't be good! Mirwais Ahmadzaï (6) goes for one of Take Me Away's tender spots by comparing her to her more popular sister: "It’s no Entropy, huh?"


    Speaking of posters who love Entropy, Cutlery gives it a surprising 8.5 but then finds absolutely nothing to say about it, despite commenting copiously on every track except for Christmas Song. Maybe he forgot, but that in itself kinda speaks volumes?

    Now that we've gotten the shade out of the way, lets hear from the posters who were not mincing words.

    "Garbage song"---Earth Intruders (2)

    "A Grimes song shouldn’t be boring and that’s exactly what this song is. I’m blaming Jack Antonoff."---Trouble in Paradise (2).

    But the reviews were not all bad. HappyBirthday (7) is literally shook by Grimes's vocals: "I’m not a fan of Jack’s voice, but hers has this hushed wonder that gives me shivers." And Untouchable Ace gives it a perfect score and says, "Beautiful, my type of song."

    YouTube Comments Section

    theresarocksya: i don't like it at all, it's kinda boring. grimes is the only good point of this song, too bad she doesn't sing a lot.

    Ivenus: Y GRIMES?????

    molly a: why not? :o
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  5. Truth. TBH, it's probably my favorite pop album after Ray of Light.
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  6. Ddd I probably overscored it, in retrospect I'm not too big on antonoff's vocals
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  7. It's a semi-compliment: a nice song but not that memorable. It could do better. Grimes' singing part is obviously the best part. I'd give it at least one more point if Grimes was the sole vocalist.
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  8. Oh no I feel like I'm in a niche liking this type of music on PJ, it was a nice surprise inclusion.
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  9. #57


    My Score: 7
    (@caladan: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@HappyBirthday: 2)

    Damn, the drums on this one are crunchy. I’m also digging the intense synths showers that come and go throughout the track. The hushed melodies are gorgeous and that off kilter piano is an interesting touch. And it’s pretty rad that the lyrics are taken from a Russian poem for children in the vein of “This Little Piggy.” That being said, the song seems…a bit incomplete? It feels kinda like an interlude but it’s 3 minutes and 22 seconds, leading to me think that something is missing. Furthermore, I’m not the biggest fan of the atonal direction it goes in at the 3 minute mark, but that really doesn’t matter since at that point, it’s basically wrapping up anyway. Overall, the song is lovely and it seems to grow with every listen.

    constantino (7) also stans the piano: “The piano on this track reminds me of Agnes Obel, stunning! There’s almost something retro Sci-fi about the synths on this.” As is Mirwais Ahmadzai (7.5): “The industrial shuffle at the beginning kind of reminds me of Volta-era Björk. I also dig the piano.” Earth Intruders (6.5) is also getting Bjork vibes, but from a different era: “Serious homogenic vibes, great sounds, lovely sounds.” According to Trouble in Paradise (7.5), Grimes is doing what your faves could never do: making Russian lullabies bop. He says, “Grimes is making me feel things to this strange Russian lullaby with some wonderful production touches. She builds such a full and rich aural world here that the lyrics don’t actually matter.” Immersed in this rich aural world is Satyress (8), who calls the song “Creepy, gothic and atmospheric.” Add “epic” to that list of adjectives, courtesy of Xanax (7): “This intro feels kind of epic following directly after Venus in Fleurs since now you really feel in the songs instrumentation that we are no longer on earth.” Cutlery (5), on the other hand, is not impressed: “I've always found it to be the least engaging cut in the tracklist, with only the lowkey industrial beat being memorable enough to give it a shout-out. Poor the glitches throughout.” The song is also leaving Remorque (6) rather cold, despite an appealing sound: “It sounds nice, but that's where my praise for it ends... I just can't really get into this one either.” caladan awards the song all his points, calling it “Such an emotional song,” while happiestgirl (4) just wants to know, “Why so much whispering tho.” Well, to be fair, this is a cover of a lullaby and most children need soothing tones to get to sleep. We can’t all be like Yours Truly, who falls asleep to “Kill V. Maim” every night.

    YouTube Comments Section

    Rinat Tayjetinov: soroka soroka

    kynes: a long lost gem!!

    Justin Keener: Listen to this shit with headphones while laying on the ground in the dark. Takes you on a trip I'm telling you

    P.S. You need this fan-made video in your life right now. All pop girls' videographies found rotting TBH:

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  10. Well, if it was a discovery for you, I feel good about having included it.
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  11. I recently looked over the leaderboard again. Some observations:

    +Y'all's taste gets messier the further we get into the rate.
    +The Top 10 is lowkey surprising in a lot of ways. There are definitely some twists.
    +Results 25 to 19 is a giant clusterfuck of ties. There's a three-way tie followed by 2 two-way ties. It doesn't help that I eliminate ties in the same elimination post (because it feels cleaner to me). Lord, give me the strength to deal with that shit.

    Not a leaderboard observation, but the images I have for the songs that made the top 10 are lit.
  12. Messy. Stay strong sis
  13. It may be at that point that you have to assume backup hosting duties lol.
  14. Grisgris is a really great song. Leaving the rate before SCREAM? Wrong timeline.
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  15. For me, Grisgris joins Gambang and Beast Infection in the club of Underrated Giedi Primes Cuts.

    I'm lowkey surprised at how long SCREAM is managing to hold on, though it has grown on me since I first heard it. If I'm not misremembering, wasn't it the first song to go in The Alt Pop Girls Rate?
  16. Oop.
    If you'll have to leave me to that by then, sure I will! Count on me
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  17. I was more making a joke about how the back to back ties would cause my brain and spirit to break, rendering me unable to host lol. But I might hand you the reins for a guest elimination or two. Those are always fun.
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  18. My 11 would be a cute idea
  19. Yes, you're right: SCREAM was the first song to go in that rate. Actually I like SCREAM. I gave it a good score, but lower than Grisgris, though. That is a wild tune made to be performed live.

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  20. Such an energetic performer.

    Next elimination coming soon...
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