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    My Score: 6.5
    (@japanbonustrack: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Hurricane Drunk , @Trouble in Paradise, @enjoy: 4)

    This song’s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. The “Da da da da da da da da. I wonder, wonder I” bit is one of the catchiest hooks in the rate. But damn does it get annoying and repetitive after awhile. Loving the slightly sinister electro production though. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about this. For a song that was made to raise money, it’s more than adequate.

    For the full story behind the song’s creation, let’s turn to caladan (7): “Grimes and her ex-boyfriend Devon from Majical Cloudz made this song in 2012 for Ric Leichtung and Emilie Friedlander to raise money for their new website.” Interesting. I wonder how much it fetched. Cutlery (8) doesn’t comment on the song, but instead tells us about his REM life: “I once had a dream that Grimes was inside Rick & Morty, living in the shadows of the Sanchez's house and she came out some nights to practice music composition with Rick, which I'm sure was fueled by the title of this song. Kii.” I would actually be shocked if Grimes didn’t stan Rick & Morty; it’s completely her aesthetic. Speaking of REM life, Trouble in Paradise (4) says, “Weird pseudo nursery rhyme feeling here that I can’t say I was looking for.” Xanax (6), on the other hand, is feeling the vibe, but argues that the song is a bit of a Frankenstien: “This song is a bit too busy for my liking. The melodies and general soundscape are beautiful but somehow vocals and instrumental don´t really go together? It sounds a bit rough while most of her other songs manage to blend so tenderly.” constantino (7) has me wondering whether he thinks the song is well-crafted or sneaky: “Weird early Grimes<3 I love how crafty this sounds, even though it does meander a bit towards the end.” It seems to have sneaked up on Mirwais Ahmadzai (8), who says, “Yes, lure me into your psychedelic world of electronic blips and bloops. Weirdly catchy but also a tad too repetitive.” You would know about electronic blips and bloops, wouldn’t you? (Also, please let me hear some of those new Madge songs you’re working on). Happy Birthday (7) thinks this is “The most conventional I’ve ever heard her. She pulls it off nicely.” I think Entropy is much more conventional, but to be fair, that’s a Bleachers song rather than a Grimes song. In any case, that this is conventional for Grimes really shows how left field her work really is.

    YouTube Comments Section

    i am overdosing this song

    Nass Zlass:
    Cocteau Twins influence

    fuckallhell: You just got pooped on by a cloud
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  2. Indeed. It's catchy but a little too repetitive. This song needed more variation.
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  3. Awe I liked this! It's a bit of a kii Angel and Dream World surpassed it bc they're more like interludes (from the extras section, nonetheless) rather than full songs dd
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  4. Is that user actually that producer who worked for Madonna?
  5. Haha. Nah. He just has the producer's name as his username. I hope Mirwais Ahmadzaï loves Grimes tho. They both share a love for really eccentric and sometimes delightfully fucked up production.
  6. I hope so too!
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  7. How is it possible that Christmas Song is still in???? I CANNOT.

    also if claire is every lurking this thread. hi. please cover do it by nelly furtado + hymn of the fayth. thankyou. (i love how this idea has become my new obsession)
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  8. $37,626. The goal was $33,333. However Song For Ric was just a small part of the things offered on that Kickstarter campaign. The actual Ric featured in that Kickstarter video.
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  9. Christmas Song was the first elimination. I too would be dismayed if that shit was still in lol.
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  10. I actually meant the second part. I hate them equally < 3
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  11. Fortunately, that one also exited pretty early. It would have been kinda lit if they tied, but I can see the second one's appeal over the first.
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  12. Wow. That's really cool! Thanks for the intel!
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  13. wow lol! how ignorant of me. I am gonna celebrate this by blasting SCREAM (feat. aristophanes)
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    My Score: 6
    (@japanbonustrack: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Untouchable Ace: 1.5)

    In the medieval/vaguely cyberpunk kingdom that I imagine Halfaxa takes place in, Favriel is dat hillybilly cross-over anthem. The first time I heard it, I was surprised by the jangly banjo-fied feel of the instrumental. Grimes going country before all your faves. I really dig the aesthetic though, especially how it rubs up against the drums. And combined with Grime’s whispery melodies, it makes for a fresh soundscape. However, as much as I love the production, the melody is pretty weak. It feels really undercooked and I don’t think the instrumental has quite enough going on to compensate. That being said, the layered ending vocalizations are a pretty striking note to end on.

    Cutlery (8) also thinks they make for a fitting conclusion: “Fortunately, Halfaxa ends on a lighter, more positive note. Our closer is one medieval-sounding song with acoustic x synths and drums bringing a sense of completion for Halfaxa at large. I think how it ends with only those ah ah ah ah’s is a good way to finish the album, ethereally and harmonious.” Satyress (8) kindly me gives me something to embed at the end of this write up: “This track reminds of Chapelier Fou music a little bit.” Meanwhile, constantino (7.5) has his bumpkin moment: “We stan a twisted bumpkin bop! What kind of abandoned, haunted barnyard anthem?” Happy Birthday (6) is also bopping, though much more mildly: “Wait at this having a bit of a beat.” caladan thinks its (7) “Pretty nice,” but Xanax (6) doesn’t have time for the bumpkin bops: “Makes sense as a closer for Halfaxa but it is a track I otherwise don’t really care about. Ooops.” Will the closing track finally be the one that gets happiestgirl on board?
    Nope. She gives it a 2 and says, “This is just so enjoyable to listen to.”
    While the song may seem pretty relaxed on the surface, Trouble in Paradise (7) senses something sinister simmering (that alliteration expedition tho) underneath: “There’s a sense of imbalance that I weirdly enjoy in this track like something bad is coming but you don’t know what and that’s how the album ends.” And that’s how this write up ends.

    YouTube Comments Section

    Taiboo N: Play this song at my funeral

    Aquiles Abuin:
    does anyone else hear the facebook chat sound at 2:01?

    TheInk41: Hipsters suck

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  15. It's a little repetitive but those vocalisations (glossolalia?) are cool. I think she found inspiration in Claire Hamill's album Voices. Grimes said in an older interview that she is a fan of that artist.

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  16. Nice find! Listening to the whole album right now and am in love. If I recall correctly Grimes used the song you posted as an intro for a mixtape she posted on soundcloud that also included Mariahs "Fantasy". Used to listen to it on repeat.
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  17. This is that mixtape.


    01. Claire Hamill – Awaken...Lark Rise
    02. Mariah Carey – Fantasy
    03. Cocteau Twins – An Elan
    04. Madonna – Don’t You Know?
    05. G.A.N.G. – Foreign Affair
    06. Saint Etienne – Everything Flows
    07. Burial – Untitled
    08. Balam Acab – Expect
    09. Blood Diamonds – Grins
    10. Blawan – Getting Me Down
    11. Michael Jackson – Who Is It?
    12. Doldrums (5) – Thinking Of This
    13. SBTRKT Ft. Little Dragon – Wildfire
    14. TLC – If I Was Your Girlfriend
    15. Jade (3) – Don’t Walk Away
    16. Enigma – Callas Went Away
    17. 王菲* – Untitled
    18. Claire Hamill – Beauty Of England
    19. Aphex Twin – Flim
  18. An ambient bop
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  19. Yeah, it's a great song from Enigma's best album (their debut). Also as an Aphex Twin fan I'm glad she included this great instrumental piece which is strangely enough Skillex's favorite song of all time:

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    My Score: 6.5
    (@japanbonustrack: 9) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Sanctuary: 3)

    I’m surprised that y’all chose to give this more love than Grisgris or Beast Infection. Don’t get me wrong. I lowkey dig the Eastern vibes and the frantic sitars and strings give it so much energy that it weirdly becomes a bop. But the vocals are…kind of a choice. They almost sound like a Western parody of “Asian-sounding” singing. Which is a shame because she’s actually really showing off the strength of her vocals here. Not everybody can do that with their voice! And yeah, the song is musically competent. The problem here is more the aesthetic than anything. I don’t think it comes off particularly well.

    We’ll start with Sanctuary (3), who makes me cackle: “Why does this kinda sound like a parody of a Bjork parody.” That scalding hot tea tho. Who else is serving hot brew? Xanax (6), who says, “This song is kind of ridiculous, isn´t it? I somehow love it for serving this Chinese-restaurant music from outerspace-realness but at the same time it constantly manages to irritate me in context of the albums flow. Which can be a good thing, but doesn’t always have to be one. I love her vocal delivery in this however and think its a super fun song. Also, the faux-“asian“-instrumentation (I hope you get what I mean) is a re-appearing motif in Grimes sonic-language so its kind of interesting to see its origin.” Yeah, I do see this motif. I think she pulls it off best in “Genesis”. This may also be the case for Mirwais Ahmadzai (5), who says, “I like how Grimes experimented with more “worldly” sounds in her earlier work, but this one isn’t my favorite example of that.” Remorque (5.5) also hears the Eastern influences, but he’s not having fun: “I'm all for using a plucky guitar and I'm a sucker for eastern influences anywhere, but... If the only thing she was going for was creating some kind of a minimalist soundscape, I guess she succeeded?” Not sure if I would call this minimalist. It does have a simplicity to it, but I think it’s kinda extra as well. constantino (8) wants her to use this, of all things, as a sonic blueprint for future projects: “I adore the baroque elements of the production here, and I’d love her to explore this earthier sound in her future work.” I too dig the production elements, but…


    Trouble in Paradise
    (7.5) uses a term that I embarrassingly have to look up: “Love the pizzicato, it’s such an earthy take on classic Grimes sound.” Satyress (7) will have another helping of the pizzicato: “I love the instrumental so much.” I honestly think this would have been better without the vocals. Cutlery (6.5) is kinda here for them, though: “The ukulele? used here has a very basic pair of chords intercalation, adorned by Grimes’ trademark unintelligible vocalizations. I've always found this simplistic and kind of just there, do sing to me in an alien language though, queen.” Since we can’t understand what Grimes is singing about, caladan (7) breaks it down for us: “This song about a fanatical army (Sardaukar) and about a military rank (Levenbrech) is not that memorable. This is one of Grimes' least talked about songs.” Last but not least, Earth Intruders (6.5) wins the award for most unique description. He calls it a, “A strange feline thing” and drops the mic.

    YouTube Comments Section

    TheSneezingMonkey: Sounds chinese

    Sea Harier: this song keeps me under control

    C. Sarjoe: well. okay.
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