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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Sardaukar Levenbrech is certainly a pretty striking title. The instrumental reminds me of this rare unplugged ukulele song performed by Grimes in 2010 in a grim warehouse:

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  2. I know this from one unreleased zip I once downloaded. It's a fine improv!
  3. This is beautiful. I actually like it a lot better than Sardaukar Levenbrech.
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  4. I want to reveal the Top 50 today, so it's likely that you'll get 4 eliminations, including the one I just did.

    Anybody have any guesses about what else is leaving?
  5. Even though I prefer a few of the tracks that have exited to some remaining early Grimes tracks, I have no true complaints so far! I will look back on this post fondly when it starts getting messy.
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  6. If Entropy makes top 50 I'll certainly be disappointed (on that topic, you can now count me as a OEH)
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  7. It will get messy. Trust me.
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  8. An extra will be leaving today! Will it be Entropy? Stay tuned. ;)
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    My Score: 7.5
    (@constantino, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï 8.5) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@happiestgirl: 2)

    Okay, so Dream World is not exactly the most noteworthy thing in the rate, but it sounds damn good and I think y’all were too hard on it. I’m a sucker for this kind of uplifting dream pop. It’s the kind of sound that makes the world feel more magical and expansive. And Claire’s vocals are heavenly! I really wouldn’t mind if she did a whole album in this vein, though I’m sure she would do something more interesting. Really, it’s Dream World’s lack of ambition that ultimately holds it back from being an 8 or 9.

    I’m not the only one who thinks it’s underachieving. Cutlery (6) says, “An interlude that would've probably been more interesting as a fully fleshed out song. It is inoffensive really, and will probably be one of the first elims of the rate.” I also thought it would bomb out early, so it kinda exceeded expectations. Xanax matches my score and calls it a “Beautiful song though it sounds like a totally different version of Grimes from a parallel universe.” I dub this universe “The Shoegaze Universe” because the term came up one than once:

    “Grimes goes shoegaze?? I LIVE. We stan a vers legend.”---constantino (8.5).

    “I really dig the shoegaziness of this song.”---Mirwais Ahmadzai (8.5).

    Another term that came up more than once? Trippy.

    “Trippy and divine.”---Trouble in Paradise (7.5)

    “Magical and trippy. The guitars are pure bliss.”---Satyress (8)

    (8) likes it too, but he uses more measured language:Very nice song.” happiestgirl (2) might have thought it was a nice song if Grimes’s voice was more present: “I like the songs where you can actually hear her singing better.” I don’t know. I kinda like how her voice feels a bit disembodied. It adds to the feeling that we’re living our lives in the vivid dream.

    Now let’s end this write up before I get even more painfully on the nose.

    YouTube Comments Section

    HajarianVibes_14016: This is a special kind of hallucinating

    Amy- Latitia: Love grimes. New age pop all the way! Click my page also. Ive just released my official music video for BIG BEAR HUG. :)

    James Whyte: yeah I'm here because of Claire too... but this is pretty wonderful and I'm pretty high too, everything is nice. Good work, guys
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  10. We should do an Amy-Latititia-rate after this!
  11. It would be anti-climatic tho. BIG BEAR HUG would dominate with a 10+ average.
  12. Good riddance dd
    Scream.mp3, it has just dawned on me that Phone Sex is somehow still in... how?
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  13. Dream World is technically not a Grimes song but a Majical Cloudz song featuring Grimes. MC's singer is Devon Welsh; that track Devon from Halfaxa is about him. I have an advice: whoever likes Dream World better check out the whole album II.

    Another Majical Cloudz song, but not from that album: Mountain Eyes.
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  14. Our next elimination is the first song to get 3 10s. A few of you guys thought it was pretty stunning, so the elimination might sting a bit.
  15. Haven't been devasted yet. I'm expecting once most of GP and Halfaxa are gone things are gonna get dicey
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    My Score: 5
    (@japanbonustrack, @caladan, @enjoy: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Untouchable Ace, @Sanctuary, @happiestgirl: 3)

    Man, Grimes was really feeling those Eastern sounds on this album, wasn’t she? There are some nice production touches here: I’m into the distorted electric guitars that come in later in the track and whatever that bell-like instrument is. I feel like I’m walking through a market place in some grittily beautiful shantytown. So the atmosphere is on point. The songwriting tho? Not particularly. There’s just not really enough of a melodic driving force here. Like, I don’t need hooks, but I do need something a bit more fully formed. The instrumental is too ambient to really be all that engaging by itself. I mean, it sounds nice, but in a passive background-music kind of way. It’s hard for me to stay interested.

    Some of y’all having me questioning my Geidi Primes taste. caladan gives it a perfect score, calling it a “A masterpiece. That distorted guitar is really striking." And then Cutlery gives it a 9 and says, “Magical from the beginning, the atmospheric breathing and electric guitar alternating between gloomy and moody in the background make up the main virtues of this awesome track with a gorgeous outro.” Xanax (7) is more stingy with the points, but hands out plenty of compliments: “The haltingly beat contrasting the echoing, whispering vocals has a very surreal quality to it. The melody is very beautiful. The scratchy instrumental in the second half of the song really melodizes the “Dune”-inspiration of the album, at least to me.” I do agree that this song probably feels the most evocative of a “setting.”

    Let’s hear from a couple detractors so that I can feel validated in my opinion. constantino’s (5) critique is very similar to mine: “Probably my least favourite cut from this album, it just lacks *the* hook or melodic quirk that make the other tracks more memorable.” So is Remorque’s (5.5): “It's nicely atmospheric, but it doesn't do all that much for me, I guess?” For Mirwais Ahmadzai (6), the song has cinematic qualities: “This song would be perfect for a particularly dramatic, tense moment in a film. I prefer it about a minute-in, when the drama’s dialed back a bit and she starts singing.” I actually think this song needs more drama, though the electric guitar is definitely a start. Speaking of the electronic elements, Satyress (8) thinks the song is an oriental folk song in electro clothing: “Sounds like a oriental traditional song disguised in an electronic track.” Courtesy of Trouble in Paradise (7.5), Tori Amos makes her way into the rate: “First and foremost the title of this song gives me serious Tori Amos vibes though I think her song would be “Venus in Furs.” Is that already a Tori Amos song? Probably. Anyways, I love the airy vibe of this song and the instrumentation is perfect. The outro is definitely doing things for me.” If “Venus in Furs” actually exists, don’t let Morrisey catch wind.

    YouTube Comments Section

    sour: this album is one of the greatest things that ever happened in my life

    Stephanie Campbell: This creates such a scale for wondering. The en coupe of the lyrics are truly wonderful. Maybe the loves will find another Alaska? Or a nest, or a worm hole....

    LadyGaga121fan: This is very zesty. It makes me happy.

    (Fun fact: Venus in Fleurs was used in "American Horror Story: Cult." So, in a sense, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï's instincts were right.)

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  17. Will check this out. It's totally my kind of sound.
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  18. Lowkey probably my favorite YouTube commentary in the rate so far. Zesty, huh?
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  19. I really love Venus in Fleurs. It's such a great song. Unsettling atmosphere but in the best way.
  20. One more elimination for today and then we will know our top 50.
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