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  1. Rood, I love this Venus!
    The electric guitar doing its own thing in the background, especially towards the outro, never fails to put me in a trance
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  2. [​IMG]
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    My Score: 7
    (@japanbonustrack: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Sanctuary, @happiestgirl, @Untouchable Ace: 4)

    I might have overrated this a tad. It definitely has issues, like the some noisy filler bits in the middle (even though the song is already quite compact), the counter-intuitive structure, the obtrusive drums. Yet, for all that, it’s still kinda beautiful, mostly due to that evocative string intro, which has a similar feel to The Cure song “How Beautiful You Are.” Not only that: the vocal melodies are very hypnotic and can stand toe to toe to some of the melodies on the proper album. Ultimately, I can completely see why this was left off of the standard version of Visions, but I think some of the energy (if not the attention to detail) from that project spilled into this.

    Xanax (7) doesn’t mind that the production is overstuffed: “Love how busy this is.” Neither does Cutlery (9), who is kinda getting his life:” Another very much forgotten Visions extra that I'm fond of! I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE STARS ARE TALKING ABOUT TONIGHT!! Bitch me too the fuck.gif Lyrically from the little “leaving the grass and the trees behind” and “leave me alone” and “I wanted to die” bits I can make out, it reads like a proto-environmentalist mood piece, but one can enjoy it pretty much anytime.” constantino (6) is…not getting his life: “Probably my least favourite Visions bonus track. It just doesn’t grab me like the others.” It also doesn’t grab Trouble in Paradise (6), who says, “Honestly this song is really hurting my ability to leave commentary for every song by being so unoffensively there. It’s not bad, but nothing stands out and I forget it the second I stop listening. Probably why it ended up being a bonus track.” Perhaps its bonus track status is why japanbonustrack gave it a 10; he felt the need to support his Canadian bonus track brethren. Mirwais Ahmadzai (8.5), on the other hand, thinks it’s worthy of the standard edition: “I like that this song sort of harks back to Geidi Primes and Halfaxa, lo-fi but a little more refined. Again, it could have made the standard edition on Visions and sounded perfectly at home.” caladan (8) thinks it would sound at home…on a Space album: “It sounds like a Space song (the same '70s band that created Magic Fly).” "Magic Fly" can be its funeral music.

    YouTube Comments Section

    Andy S: sounds like the cure

    JoLadyGreen8: i just wanna DANCE!

    Martin Romero: as goran bregovic is for vodka, THIS is for LSD

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  4. Haha. Typo. Dream World's average is actually 6.25. Will fix.
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  5. That electric guitar is so psychedelic.

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  6. Life After Death is certainly groovy. I should have give it one extra point.
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  7. TOP 50

    Giedi Primes (5/11)=45% Remaining
    Zoal, Face Dancer
    Feyd Rautha Dark Heart

    Halfaxa (9/16)=56% Remaining
    Sagrad Прекрасный
    Swan Song
    My Sister Says The Saddest Things

    Darkbloom (3/5)=60% Remaining
    Crystal Ball
    Urban Twilight

    Visions (13/13)=100% Remaining
    Infinite ♥ Without Fulfillment
    Vowels = Space And Time
    Visiting Statue
    Be A Body
    Colour Of Moonlight (Antiochus)
    Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)
    Know The Way (Outro)

    Art Angels (14/14)=100% Remaining
    laughing and not being normal
    Flesh Without Blood
    Belly Of The Beat
    Kill V. Maim
    World Princess II
    Venus Fly
    Life In The Vivid Dream

    Extras (6/12)=50% Remaining
    Go (featuring Blood Diamonds)
    Medieval Warfare
    Entropy (with Bleachers)
    Phone Sex (with Blood Diamonds)
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  8. What I think should exit asap:
    • BotB
    • Antiochus
    • Entropy
    • Heartbeats
    • Phone Sex
    However the results so far haven't been too surprising, and it's going really well, esp. with your ever-imaginative writeups ~
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  9. Thanks so much!
  10. That Geidi Primes carnage tho. I'm surprised that Halfaxa is actually doing slightly better right now.
  11. Goodness I just realized what this image actually said RIP
    Let me use this when my faves start dying instead of that Mariah gif
  12. I think the top 50 is pretty good, I would have kept hedra and outer for being that malaise bop and removed scream and some of the extras
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  13. Not with my score, it shan't!

    Pretty solid top 50 – Halfaxa has actually made it fairly unscathed, and I like most of its remaining tracks. I'd like to see these go next: Avi, Feyd Rautha Dark Heart, Intro/Flowers, World♥Princess (*gasp*), Urban Twilight and Medieval Warfare.
  14. Antiochus & Heartbeats? Are you kidding me?
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  15. I'll accept my place as a «not getting Heartbeats» hater; I think underneath the comma-inducing reverb and filter there's a potentially great alternative song, but ultimately it doesn't work for me
    Antiochus is just bad in my humble opinion
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  16. Trust me, I used to hate Antiochus but it grew on me a lot after listening to the instrumental version. The melody and the beat are gorgeous; the only real challenge is her weird vocal performance.
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  17. Oh yes, we LOVE the Visions + AA instrumentals, I can get behind that statement
    Also isn't it tragic the leaked Nightmusic instrumental doesn't have the career-defining synth orgasm around the 1:40 mark? Because it sure is for me
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  18. I think I could fix that by making a transplant from the final version to the instrumental. Some of those leaked instrumentals are incomplete: e.g. Be a Body lacked at least one main synth riff and Genesis lacked the freaking keyboard intro.
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  19. I think Antiochus is fine, but it's definitely lower-tier Visions.
  20. Leave Geidi Primes alone!



    My Score: 7.5
    (@Cutlery: 10) HIGHEST V. LOWEST (@Untouchable Ace: 3)

    Yas, Grimes! Give me that apathetic bop that I love. She sounds so bored here but to wonderful effect. Her hollow-eyed delivery, along with that repetitive, strangely ska-like instrumental, combines to make something that feels very odd and very unique. Only a song with this kind of conviction in its own nonchalance can make lyrics like “Everybody thinks that I’m boring/Many people think I’ve got no clue” work. And despite the lack of fucks that this song gives, it’s pretty catchy? This is easily one of the strongest on the debut.

    According to caladan (8), the Zoal are the true queens of re-invention: “A little monotone, but still good. What is Zoal? Just a species of shapeshifting humanoids from the Dune universe.” Your faves could never. Mirwais Ahmadzai (8) gets a bit…dirty: “*bops in Eastern European or something* Face dance indeed. Definitely a Geidi Primes standout.” How do you bop in Eastern European? Like this?

    Back to our regularly scheduled program. Trouble in Paradise (8) makes an astute observation: “Her voice is so much closer and more vulnerable than I’m used to. The production is definitely a little too “first self produced album.” It’s still a great love song, which is almost disarming in her discography.” She doesn’t really have that many love songs relatively to other pop singers, does she? Satyress (7) speaks to the song’s timelessness: “Sounds like an old song remixed. Retro and modern.” Meanwhile, the face dancers haunt Earth Intruder’s (6.5) Spotify: “This always comes on my spotify shuffle. It's ok I guess.” Did the song infect you with its apathy? Cutlery (10), on the other hand, is anything but apathetic: “I can argue this is the one true highlight from this debut! From the sarcastic and careless “Everyone thinks that I'm boring / Everybody knows that I'm a [bitch]” to the strangely sweet lines “When you touch my arm I know you love me / When you say my name I know I care”, this is a fun pop experiment that really stands out in the tracklist despite being one of the more subtle songs, I very much cherish it!” The subtleties are not lost on Xanax (7), who says, “One of the strongest melodies on Geidi Primes in my opinion. Love the contrast between the driving beat and her very lifeless vocal delivery. The vocal-echoing adds a nice touch to this, its almost as if you’re confronted by many thoughts at once.” But enough about my existential crises. Moving on…constanino (7.5) loves a tune: “Another pretty, eery cut. On an album full of meandering and free-flowing songs, I appreciate the driving melody.” The album might be lo-fi, but that doesn’t stop Remorque (6.5) from detecting a mixing/mastering issue: “This would have gotten a point higher if it didn't have that muffled production going on in the background. This isn't entirely unenjoyable, but it takes a while to be appreciated.” It does kind of shapeshift into something deeper and more beautiful, doesn’t it?

    YouTube Comments Section

    Juan Juri: no one thinks you’re boring, grimes

    GRIMM ZEUS: smoothe purple and vague

    daftrhetoric: I watched a Nixon speech muted and muttered the mantra 'greedy little hustler' to myself while I listened to this. I don't see any relevance, but It felt pretty good.
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