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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I noticed that there was no general discussion for Little Boots! Still lots more to hear from her, but Love Kills is IMMENSE. All of the songs on her Myspace are currently bonkers amazing. Mathematics, Every Little Earthquake--can't wait.
  2. 'New In Town' and 'Ghost' are both very good. Tbh I have yet to hear a weak song from her.

    I'm hoping 'Every Little Earthquake' will be the first single in March then another strong(er) single in June to set the album up. Exciting timez.

    We should see her crowned #01 on the BBC Sound Poll tomorrow. I think it's quite a breakthrough tbh. When was the last time we had a successful, solo British Pop lady breakthrough? Not for some years....
  3. Yes but much of her music has hit the web. I want to discuss Love Kills! (and it's not called "Stuck on Repeat")
  4. And she has released: Arecibo on 12" in the states and Meddle on 7" in the UK.
  5. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Aren't they 2 different two songs?
  6. I've been playing 'Stuck on Repeat' all day, last time I was addicted to a song over 5 minutes long was 'Get Together,' Holy shit this girl's got something about her immensely captivating.

    On top of that she plays the Tenori-on, I've been wondering when someone would actually use it in their music career since watching the youtube promo video a couple years ago.
  7. Yep, and there's the Stuck On Repeat vinyls which were also released. The original white label and the new remix 12" which has the amazing Joker remix of Meddle on it too.

    I'm so chuffed she's won the BBC Sound of 2009 poll. She deserves it so much. I cannot wait to have the album in my hands which I really hope will be in a few months time. I'm surprised Frankmusik wasn't in the top 5 of the BBC Sound of 2009 though.

    If you haven't already signed up check out her message board. The main site will be launching very soon too! I do love the Boots...
  8. i'm obsessed with her right now...

    the LOVE KILLS cover is really THAT good. amazing.
  9. pdf


    I am getting a bit itchy waiting for an actual CD.... LOVING Stuck On Repeat. Semi-obsessed by it at the moment.
  10. What's she going to release officially next?
  11. Of course, the key question is what size are her shoes?
  12. 2 and a half.
  13. She is from Blackpool, and i love that.
  14. Those ARE Little Boots.

    Cute and amazing songs at the same time
  15. the world needs more accurately titled popstars. huzzah.
    but yes, she is wonderful. loving the youtube videos. i want the expensive square toy she uses to make music!
  16. Oh yes she does! People are very familiar with her music via Youtube and Myspace so I think that warrants a discussion thread.

    This weeks NME article on Boots referred to her as a 'one woman Girls Aloud'.... what are they on? I do not see any comparison apart from that she is female and sings pop music.
  17. 'Every Little Earthquake' is by far my favourite of the lot we've heard so far. Utterly immense!

    I'm also wondering when an album is due though?
  18. It just has to be a single !
    It's my favourite.
    I totally adore 'Love Kills' I cannot believe I am raving about a song I did not give the time of day to back in the early 90's. That's why Boots is so clever!
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