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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. They need to wait before Boots' proper launch, as right now the whole world receives pleasure from the american-italian disco-stick rider.
  2. I. Cannot. Wait. I love Dr. Luke.
  3. You MUST go see her live if you get the chance! She's so so so good. Saw her at the ICA in London on November. Plus, you might as well as its onle 6 pound. ;)

    I'm so happy for her, it's been so long now since i first heard "stuck on repeat". (L)(L)
  4. Meddle has to be officially released!!!!!

    Anyway Radio One's playlisted Stuck On Repeat...
  5. In theory it already has... it was her first commercially available single released through 50 Bones records on mint green 7" vinyl. It even came with 6 Little Boots transfer tatoos!
  6. Why is she working with Dr. Luke? Didn't see that one coming. Hopefully it will sound like the stuff on Britney's album then at the very least.
  7. Dag


    "Every Little Earthquake" is my new obsession. I love finding all these songs from her, and each is just a little bit better than the last.
  8. She's said in the past that she loves mainstream pop music (and pop in general), so why not?
  9. First Dr. Luke now TONY KANAL
  10. Tony Kanal? Now that's exciting.
  11. RRC


    This is rather exciting but I do wonder why (though, I guess, the logical answer is 'why not?') they're flying her out to write even more. She must've had an album pretty much ready to go at the end of 2008, no? They don't seem to have anticipated the Sound of 2009 thing and are now trying to get her a huge hit (which, I sense, they may have whacked out too early in Stuck on Repeat). I hope that doesn't mean tracks like Every Little Earthquake are going down the pan...she seemed so DIY up to now (this is by no means a bad thing, working with the Big Guns, but it does seem like a definite shift).

    Regardless I look forward to this album immensely, and I think it's quite clever how they're promoting her at the moment: she was everywhere when they announced the award, and now they've swept her away again, almost to let the Hype die down. I'd expected everyone on that list to come out full guns blazing pretty much straight away...
  12. I think there runs a real risk of ruining what made her good: her quirky, DIY, left-field electro producers making pop songs art which she got down to a tee.

    There's a real risk that the end album is going to be totally uneven, big Dr. Luke/Kanal tracks sat amongst Simian Mobile Disco and Pascal Gabriel-penned tracks. I just don't see it working.

    I just pray she doesn't DO A TING TINGS

  13. ^Yeah I agree! Especially worried about Dr. Luke.
  14. I also fear that this sudden 'mainstreamisation - americanisation' will destroy everything that is interesting and exciting about her, and turn her into just yet another mass-produced 'popstar'.
    LA was the worst idea ever.
  15. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    I suppose it just depends what 'Americanisation' means, doesn't it? I mean, she's been working with Greg Kurstin from day one.
  16. As excited as I am about this album (and apologies if this got mentioned somewhere else), but has anyone noticed that "Stuck On Repeat" has a passing resemblance to "Matinee" by Franz Ferdinand? ... the chorus of "Meddle" also sounds a little like the bridge of "Last Night" by P Diddy (featuring Keshia Cole), to my ears anyway.

    Could it be that all the writing and recording with big-name producers is to come up with some lawsuit-proof new material ... ?
  17. As much as I love Meddle, I really want "Stuck On Repeat" as the first single. Even if it has already been given away as a free download. It's so much more of a first single in my eyes and could be number 1 for absolutely ages. :) x
  18. Yeah, I absolutely agree, although I doubt that would happen. In which case Meddle would be a great second choice.
  19. I do not at all understand this Matinee, Stuck on Repeat comparison. What? Where?
  20. I thought she wrote and produced everything herself?
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