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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Her original selling point was that she was doing a lot of her stuff with Joe Goddard from Hot Chip.
  2. And now she's just like everyone else out there working with major producers?
  3. But surely you see the obvious differences between Greg Kurstin and then Dr. Luke/Tony Kanal. They produce totally differing aesthetics with their productions. Kurstin has always maintained a relatively European sound, look at his recent work with Lily Allen for example. Also bar a few song exceptions he tends to work with European/Euro-pushed acts. So his sound to a certain extent is tailored towards our market. On the other hand Kanal/Luke's is not. I don't think I even need to explain Dr. Luke but Kanal's production I suppose is more open-ended, he hasn't done huge amounts on his own. P!nk and Gwen and his stuff with both sounded quite different.

    I just don't understand when she herself said she had her album completed at the end of last year, why Atlantic feel the need to spend a bomb on flying her to the US/working with big big names. It splits up the whole image which has been conceived by her. "I just want to write amazing pop songs in my garage, DIY, love my synths, I'm arty" and now to working with the biggest producers in the world. It just doesn't fit for me. Oh Atlantic.
  4. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Isn't Every Little Earthquake the first single?

    Sorry for the caps, but really people! I'd like to see a super talented, original pop artist succeed for once (outside of Europe). I think it's great that Atlantic is really putting some effort into making her a superstar. I'd hate to see her flop like so many artists that've been put down this road before.
  6. Is there any word on when the first single, whatever it is, will drop or be announced or anything? Or anything on the album?

    I thought Sound of 2009 only selected albums from the first quarter of the year so I'd assume it's a pre-summer release?
  7. After ignoring this artist for a while, I'm discovering Every Little Earthquake is a pretty good little song. I thought Meddle sounded like a DDR song just with better production value and I didn't "get" Stuck on Repeat, but this one's a keeper. Hopefully the album sounds more like this! I do want to like her.
  8. It's rumoured, but it's no confirmed. Her management said they've not decided on the 'first' single just yet. I guess they're gonna wait to see what the new material's going to be like before making a desicion.
  9. They really should put something out soon. The rest of the "sound 09 gang" have material out in March for the most part.

    I assume Atlantic will do a limited sort of release in late March/early April followed by a big push through May for her lead single. Then the sure-to-be #01 album out in June.

    The album is definitely out in June...
  10. It's off her Myspace now, irritatingly. But it's quite good. An uplifting one too, don't you think?
  11. There's so much hype around her. She really needs to get to #1 now doesn't she otherwise she'll be ripped to pieces.
  12. Earthquake would be a perfect 'debut' single in my opinion. It's not one of my out right favourites and at first I wasn't bothered about it being a single, but having listened to it for a few months it makes perfect sence.

    I don't think so... I wouldn't say the hype around her has been absolutely MASSIVE. She's been in a lot of press and of course she won the BBC Sound thingy, but I don't think she will be as big as some people are expecting her to be.

    ANOTHER soft release? I hope not. For the people who have been following her since the beginning, she's already had 3 soft releases. The original Stuck on Repeat white label back in February last year, the Meddle 7" in June and the Stuck on Repeat/Meddle 12" + download EP at the beginning of January. I think it's time for a proper single.
  13. I can't get "Every Little Earthquake" out of my head at the moment (I just got a hold of it). Would make a great first single, though I'm still surprised that "Stuck on Repeat" wasn't the official debut.
  14. [​IMG]

    My heart sunk...
  15. Noooo!

    EDIT: Oh well. He's good for exposure.
  16. I don't she will get ripped to pieces for not having an #1 single though I except she will. Can't wait for her album.

    Edit: Honestly, I think Perez Hilton stalks PJ.
  17. I agree, I really do not think she is going to be massive, and to me that maybe a good thing. A mainstream Lady GaGa she isn't and somehow I see Boots having a slightly older audience than 8- 14 year old's which I expect GaGa has. Boots music is a bit more complex and somehow I have a feeling it maybe a bit harder to pigeon hole.

    Having said that a top 40 hit would be great in these days of weird charts
  18. I just read her last few blogs... She actually went out with Perez to see Adele the night before. It's not like Perez was at some aftershow party and just so happened to bump into Boots. She's proper living out the LA girl facade.

    I wrote this in reply to her blog.

    I'm probably making a far too big-a-deal out of this, and really, who care's who she's going out partying with in LA. It's none of my business who she wants to adopt as her US BFF. It's just it's a world away from a year ago in February 08 when Stuck on Repeat was put out on white label and she was working with artistic friends as apposed to random high end music producers from LA (exclusing Greg of course - he was working with her before Little Boots exsisted) which Warner/Atlantic seem to have plucked out of thin air, just for a guaranteed commercial hit.

    As I say in the quote above, I just don't want Vic to lose what made her interesting and unique in the first place.
  19. I agree with all the above.
    People get a little too obsessed with popularity and shifting huge amounts of units in the PJ forum.
    I just don't see Little Boots fighting off some of the rubbish at the top of the UK charts - she's a litte bit too left of field for that - same goes for La Roux.

    I'd be happy if Little Boots reaches the level of fame that Goldfrapp had during the Black Cherry/Supernature era. That's the market that her label should be aiming for and they can easily get it too.
  20. By "soft release" I mean something akin to what The Ting Tings did last year with 'Great DJ', a proper push with lots of radio play etc but on a limited 7" and CD perhaps. If you're going to go do a two-singles-then-the-album sort of project then having a full scale first release is a bit unnecessary, it builds acts up ready for the album. You end up in a Kate Nash sort of a situation otherwise...
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