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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I feel you. It's more then a little annoying watching every decent pop star see huge success outside the US, and only outside the US...and it sucks even more seeing the few that do try to make it here fail. If she needs a few songs produced by the big guns, that's fine with me. As long as she keeps the Every Little Earthquakes/Meddle's on there as well.
  2. All of the talk about her working with the BIG PRODUCERS doesn't make sense at all. She's hardly working with Timbaland and Pharrell...

    I'm very very excited about her working with Tony Kanal, and hopefully Dr Luke will be more Shattered Glass than My Life Would Suck... I very much doubt she'll be recording something generic as she's got the talent and the taste to come up with something extraordinary.

    As for her befriending Perez... I'm sure Perez is a good person when he's not blogging, and he is funny and knows a lot of interesting people, etc etc. If I was working by myself in LA (a very unfriendly city if you don't know anyone) and Perez called me to invite me to an Adele gig I wouldn't be that stupid and wouldn't turn it down.

    As for Vic DIY vs Vic Mainstream... I don't think they are any different at all.
  3. Who is that?
  5. So it is!
  6. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    You'd be excused for not recognising him - he usually tries to avoid having his picture taken.
  7. I was just on iTunes Belgium and they have a Little Boots EP up. Mathematics, Meddle (Tenorion Piano Version) and Love Kills. It's on iTunes UK as well. Seems like they've just replaced Stuck On Repeat with Mathematics. How random, but cool!
  8. I like the piano version of Stuck On Repeat.

    I think that I've formed the first Little Boots tribute act! We're called Lil Savers (we're a bit chavvier) and we have our own version of Meddle called Medal all about dem gold chainz I knicked off da markeeet. It's amazing.
  9. Every Little Earthquake and Ghosts are brilliant.
  10. How random! Just downloading now... (yay!)

    Maybe 'Stuck on Repeat' is now being considered for the first single... I think they're a bit unsure! Heheh.
  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Every Little Earthquake is the first thing of hers I can see myself listening to more than once.
  12. It's properly good - but is it Massive-First-Single material? It sounds more like really good album track to me than something that would be all over the radio, if that's the kind of mainstream success they're hoping for.
  13. where can i listen to it? It's not on her myspace...
  14. Very cool. It sounds like a more electro Dragonette.
  15. If you were making a compilation for a friend and wanted to include a track to introduce Little Boots to them, would you include the original version of Stuck On Repeat or the Fake Blood mix? I can't decide which one is better for somebody who hasn't heard anything before.
  16. The radio edit, or better, "Love Kills."
  17. Depends... is this friend patient and willing to listen for a few minutes of build up and be rewarded with euphoria (original version) or do they lose interest quickly and therefor must compromise on euphoria for a shorter, more to the point, version (radio edit)?
  18. I think you've got to go with the original 'Stuck On Repeat' - that's where all the magic started. For me, that song is the reference point and context for everything else that has come out or leaked.
  19. I've just read that the amazing Golden Filter has remixed "New In Town".
    Doesn't get more exciting than that!
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