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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Not heard of them... There's a remix of 'New In Town' by GoldieLocks too on her MySpace

    With 2 remixes done perhaps THIS is going to be the 'debut' single?!
  2. Should be the debut single. Stuck On Repeat aside, I think it's her strongest track of those I've heard by a country mile....
  3. I'm starting to loose interest in her. I mean, since 'Stuck On Repeat' I haven't heard anything from her that blows me away, none of the new leaked tracks, not even 'Meddle'. They're not bad, just a bit flat and not as good as 'Stuck On Repeat'.
  4. New In Town reminds me of GaGa a lot. It's very good though.
    I still want Meddle to be the first single, Every Little Earthquake would be fine though.
  5. I think all of her tracks, every one (even Bring It On) are amazingly strong. The only risk is that they start to sound similar.

    I still think Stuck on Repeat should have been the big massive first single.
  6. (Sorry for the double post) but I have also now discovered Freddie Mercury's original "Love Kills," and it is really amazing, really special. Such a great song, and honestly I find it quite moving (given the circumstances of his death).
  7. i have lost interest too. i am just keen on hearing the richard x/dead disco tracks. i am much more excited to see what video villain might come up with these days. after reading victoria's 'twitter' thing, she's playing the media game and hanging out with perez hilton (whom i loathe) so.. this has added to my dislike, but i just think that she's ok and not quite worthy of all the interest.

    what happened to ebony bones btw?
  8. yes, but love didn't kill freddie.
  9. Well, not love. Shagging.
  10. Best song that I've heard from her so far followed by Stuck On Repeat and Meddle.
  11. RRC


    Listening to it in the context of 'First Single Release,' I think New In Town could actually do really well for her. Stuck on Repeat may have been wasted as a freeby, as it's as good as functioning as the first release, but this one's grown on me, rapidly.

    I don't think we should write her off just yet: I find it quite refreshing for a campaign that they're taking it at a pace different to the media's (who want a hit from her and the rest of the BBC Sound of 2009 Posse RIGHT NOW). The clips of her performing live in America recently are fantastic, she's clearly developing into an exceptional live act.

    Also, how amazing is Ghost? If that isn't on the record I will be a bit annoyed.
  12. Having downloaded 'Mathematics' from itunes and played it many times( very loud), I have decided I like this song much more than 'Meddle' (the synths are just amazing). It is always difficult trying to decide if you like a song or not by just listening to it on Myspace.

    I don't think there has been a song so far Boots has made that I have not liked.... That's very rare for me.
  13. I'm starting to agree with people saying New In Town should be her debut single. It's the only song that my friends enjoyed by her on the first listen.
  14. Ooh, get her Twitter:
  15. Ooh, get you Victoria.

    Loud and proud from that soapbox m'dear!
  16. I love every song this girl has done so far. She is probably the new artist I am most excited for. Ghost is exquisite.
  17. I totally agree with her on that. I hate it when people accuse someone of selling out when they never made any claims to be a non-profit artist/group.

    It's only two weeks until she hits Edinburgh. I have my fingers crossed that everything falls into place and I can sort out someone to go with and a place to crash.
  18. It certainly is. I love the "tango" influence it has.
  19. pdf


    Actually I am now at the point where I want her to release a proper CD. I'm kind of fed up waiting.
  20. I assume she's been reading these boards then. Tis VV all over again :o

    But really, who wants her to be indie? She's obviously not set for that path but working with generic big name producers to come out like a generic product, writing generic songs which have "all been done before". Snoozeville.

    Perhaps I'm casting premonitions but Dr. Luke has never produced anything I'd describe as not generic so yanno not much to work on on that front.
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