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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Fourth Little Boots album?? 2021 keeps on giving. I hope it's as good of a package as Working Girl.
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  2. The song title makes me think back to this tweet from last year:

    I'm not part of her Patreon, so I'm unsure what she shared in the end, but could "Silver Balloons" be one of these songs she pitched to Kylie? Excited to hear it either way!
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  3. It’s not no. The songs she shared were good though!
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  4. Ugh, what a great album.
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  5. She seems to be teasing lyrics on Instagram:

    "Silver balloons,
    They won't stay high."
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  6. If you all haven't joined her Patreon, I would suggest thinking about it. I really feel like she goes above and beyond. Especially with the making of the album. She went extremely out of the way to make us feel included in the making of this album. Every aspect including the photoshoots, song production, marketing things, etc. The monthly demos are an added bonus as well.
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  7. Oh wow I really like that cover art. Very Goldfrapp/Ladyhawke.
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  8. Or even a bit Moloko

  9. Oooh I hope it sounds like Statues (the album)
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  10. Excellent news!
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  11. pdf


    Excellent news. She deserves another big pop moment. The time feels right for it.
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  12. This made my day! She never fails.
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  13. Definitely looking forward to this. She hasn't had a bad release since debut.
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  14. I mean... I'm still obsessed with 'Help Too'. 'Working Girl' was a great album.
  15. I also love Help Too. It is actually the only one from that album that I liked.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Help Too is a wonderful track. I’m super perched for this new era, especially as it seems largely self-produced.
  17. Here's the newsletter she sent this morning:
    I'm slightly worried that she's written it all herself, but we haven't had any songs without co-writers since Hands (Click, Ghost, and title track, all of which are fine albeit nothing exciting to me), so I may be worried for nothing.

    I'm guessing the solo production means it will be a little more stripped-back than her previous albums, which would be interesting (not in a bad way). She hasn't failed us yet album-wise.
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  18. I'm always a little iffy about artists writing all themselves (unpopular, but see: Marina's Froot) but still giving Bootsy the benefit of the doubt.
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