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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. "undeniable stone cold banger of a tune"

    she's gonna deliver
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  2. It's exciting that she did all the album by herself, after years of collabs. I'm sure that she has an interesting vision for album #4.
    She's an extremely gifted songwriter, so I have no doubt that this will be amazing.
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  3. It's true and you should say it.
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  4. I've been following on Patreon for the whole creative process and she's really taken the time to put together something great. The tracks we've heard so far are bangers!
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  5. Fun fact: she first premiered a snippet of a starting version of Silver Balloons to her Patreon supporters over a year ago now. Makes you wonder how long some pop songs are stewing in the background before getting known and released to the world.
  6. This was on my ‘to do’ list and then became resident on my ‘forgot to do’ list instead. Are all the previous demoes etc still for download?
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  7. I'm not for sure to be honest. They all still show up for me but I've been a member since she started the Patreon.
  8. They are.
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  9. I get the sense this album might pick up where ‘Headphones’ left off and I am all in!!!
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  10. “Headphones” is that bitch still. Phew, what a song!
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  11. It's strange how much better Nocturnes (an already excellent album!) is if you just replace Beat Beat (which is basically just Headphones wearing a cheap wig) with Headphones.
  12. Even if you replace it with Superstitious Heart, the improvement is massive. But Headphones is a bit more boppy.
  13. I will not be tolerating Beat Beat slander on this day.
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  14. Um if anything should be replaced it's Crescendo or Satellite let's be real, the downers of the album. I love Nocturnes tho it has vibes. Superstitious Heart/Whatever Sets You Free are incredible too.
  15. Beat Beat is fine on its own. It's less about the overall quality and more about how it sounds like it was specifically written to replace Headphones.
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  16. What! Those are two of my favorites, especially Crescendo.
  17. He


    Satellite is great!

    Nocturnes really is the little difficult second album that could.
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  18. U have my permission to keep them <3

    Nocturnes probably has my favourite visuals of hers, it was so consistently styled across the board.

    What is everyone's favourite Nocturnes memory? Mine is when my CD turned up in the mail a few days ahead of the official release. Felt so exclusive and elite!
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  19. Mine is when it got a wide release on vinyl — oh right, that never happened.

    Okay but actually actually actually actually mine is driving home from work late at night (I worked till midnight), driving on near-empty highways, and Strangers and All for You coming on. What a moment in my career.
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  20. Motorway is the ultimate 'driving on empty highways at night' song. I know it's very on-the-nose but it really does capture the feeling so perfectly
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