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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Uno


    I just re-discovered the Arecibo 7-minute version of Stuck On Repeat and I'm shaking.
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  2. Didn't it make it to digital last year?
  3. Isn’t it also the original version?
  4. What happened to Headphones? Am I right in thinking she was sort of forced to release it when she didn’t want to? Have I made that up?
  5. I don't remember her ever addressing that, but Headphones was to my knowledge intended to be the 'proper' single to launch the second album era and so it wouldn't be surprising if it had a bit more of the label's hand in it than the prior singles. It was definitely more straight pop than the songs that had come before it (Shake, Every Night I Say a Prayer), and its exclusion from the album could imply some things. Again though, I don't recall her ever saying that she released it against her will.
  6. She addressed this on a livestream a while back; she claimed it didn't fit the main album but thought it should have been made a bonus track. As @StratusJM said above though, it doesn't seem like she has anything against the song but it would have sounded out of place without being reproduced like Every Night.
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  7. “Headphones” definitely sounds more like it’s from a proper follow-up to Hands so she isn’t wrong… but it’s still my favorite of the Noctures era.
  8. Headphones sounds fine on the main album to me. That album with its bonus tracks and side releases is...
    1. Motorway
    2. Confusion
    3. Broken Record
    4. Hush (Japanese Bonus Track)
    5. Shake
    6. Headphones (Single Only)
    7. Beat Beat
    8. Superstitious Heart (Single Only)
    9. Every Night I Say A Prayer (Single Version, not the reproduced album version)
    10. Crescendo
    11. Strangers
    12. All For You
    13. Satellite
    14. Smalltown Boy (Compilation Release)
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  9. Oh I just remembered that there was a demo called Second Time Around from the Nocturnes era - that was on her soundcloud, right? I don't think she shared that on Patreon. Or did she? I unsubscribed about 3 months back but I don't remember it being part of the initial set of demos that she shared. @AndrewX can you confirm if she shared this?

    She did accept some requests - I wish I remembered this back then.
  10. She didn’t but that’s still on Soundcloud. It’s on some random magazine’s account if you google it it should come out.
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  11. I went through and she hasn't shared that demo on Patreon. The only demos from that era she has shared so far are a Beat Beat demo and another one titled Caged Bird.
  12. “Beat Beat” slander? On my Popjustice? Blasphemy!
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  13. I’m a little shocked Beat Beat is eliciting strong emotions she’s a cute girl but she’s definitely the most disposable on the album.
  14. There is NOTHING disposable on Nocturnes.
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  15. Yeah, Nocturnes remains of those rare skipless albums for me. Everything feels essential and cohesive without being monotonous.
  16. I can't bear the album version of Every Night I Say A Prayer compared to the single version. Something has definitely been removed from the album mix but I can't quite put my finger on it, it's bothered me for years!
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  17. That wobbly synth at the end.
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  18. Losing “ Smalltown Boy” (as it’s a cover) and including ‘Better’ (the track from Electronic Beats Compilation 2012) would slightly improve it I think
  19. Not wrong. faultless album
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  20. Was there a digital release of this compilation? I have looked for this on so many webstores and never found it. Typically something like this would be on Beatport - but it isn’t, sadly!
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