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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Just popping in to say that I'm spinning my Nocturnes vinyl with a Gee and Tee while it's storming outside and I'm reminded of just how great it is. It's such a lush album and sounds so full and rich on vinyl. It reminds me a bit of KM94 which is obviously a compliment. There are so many amazing highlights, Motorway is probably one of my favourite songs ever. I'd love a deep dive into the making of it.
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  2. Motorway deserved an 8 minute Nocturnal Version too. Manifesting a Nocturnes anniversary edition in the future.
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  3. pdf


    Lovely backing track, but what's up with the vocals? Were they recorded on a dodgy C90?
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  5. She's really going for "silly and weird" this era. I LOVE IT. This is a hundred times better than Silver Balloons, too.
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  6. Landline is so... toothless. I feel like more and more indie girls are trying the Disco Ware route and most of the results just sound cheap.
  7. Well, that's one opinion. The understanding is that Little Boots has always been in this 'Disco Ware' lane though. Little Boots has always had a great instinct for melodies however I wish with a much more darker moody production would elevate her sound more.
  8. I might have sprung for a Landline CD single. Silver Balloons? Nah.
  9. Looks like the next single is called "Crying On The Inside". She has shared more details including artwork and release date via her Patreon (I'm not a member, so can't view those myself).
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  10. I guess I can share this but Crying On The Inside was a track she wrote for Carly Rae. She was convinced on Patreon to include it on the album after she shared the demo. The demo was great but I'm not for sure how the final version is going to sound. The last time she previewed it, I was a little disappointed.
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  11. "Crying On The Inside" preview. Also teasing a "special announcement" to come Friday too. Imagine that’ll be album news?

  12. I've been bopping to her 'Crying on the Inside' playlist on Spotify. Girl has taste!
    I actually still really like Landline, the production could be more refined but it's still a bop.

  13. It's very good, she just sound so... matronly and wooden? I don't know, missing a joyful element in her voice somehow.
  14. Not available in Ireland yet, grrr!
  15. That's my biggest gripe with the song after a few listens. To me it isn't quite the "sad banger" she thinks it is, since the appeal of that sound is often the mix of a warm and emotive vocal/lyric over an unexpectedly uptempo pop instrumental. When the delivery is so stilted it's difficult to feel moved in any way at all.
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  16. That's kind of what I said in comments when she shared the preview on Patreon. The demo had better vocal delivery and it was slightly sped up which was perfect. I'm also not fond of that robotic backing vocal bit. Such a shame because it was a really great song.
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  17. It cracks me up how obvious it is this was supposed to be a Carly song.

    I like it, but yeah, the vocal isn't her best.
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