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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I remember loving her in Year 9 and my music teacher being perplexed when we were naming musical instruments in alphabetical order and I gave an answer of "tenori-on" for T.
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  2. I was OBSESSED with the tenori-on. I almost bought one but found an app for the iPad so did that…. For a minute before forever giving up on it.
  3. I’m listening to the previews on iTunes and I’m not really feeling it.
  4. Love The Beginning sounds nice. It sounds like it should have been the first single.

    Back To Mine sounds good towards the end of the snippet. Nice synth build-up. Also, I love that she references the kitchen disco in this song.

    Heavenly sounds SO GOOD! I’m going to bet that everyone who loved Headphones will love this disco number. That bass guitar towards the end of the snippet has me excited for the bridge.

    Deborah sounds good.

    Out (Out) is a Covid bop. It sounds like it’s going to be a proper banger.

    Want You Back sounds a bit out of place, but it might end up as a PopJustice favourite.

    Nothing Ever Changes and Tomorrow’s Yesterdays sound like they need multiple listens.
  5. Hopeful. I try to avoid previews if I can, like to hear the whole songs for a first listen but these are tempting me as it’s a been a while since her last album
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  6. Is it just me or does the link to the shop not work? I get a "coming soon" message and a request to sign up to a mailing list.
  7. The second half of the album (starting with Deborah) definitely sounds much stronger and interesting than the first couple of songs on the album. Which is ironic considering all 3 singles were taken from the first half.
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  8. After listening to the snippets, I definitely think she chose the weakest ones as singles.

    Crying On The Inside was a brilliant demo, but the final version is a bit limp. I can hear the slight Fleetwood Mac reference that she was going for. But the song is amazing and needed a bit more oomph!

    Landline grew on me. It's fun, it's silly. Her vocal production should have been better on this. I like it now.

    I'm having a bit of a like-hate relationship with Silver Balloons. It might have been a much better song, if it was produced better.

    Having said all that, I think everything might end up sounding just right as a whole.
  9. I think it's only open to her Patreon subscribers at the moment.
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  10. It was open when I posted, but I think they probably made it public too early. An autographed Patreon exclusive baby blue vinyl was password protected then, while a non-autographed coral pink vinyl and CD were available to everyone.
  11. The shop is open to all now.
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  12. Rock candy?!

    I love her and will be pre-ordering the vinyl and CD momentarily, but she has well and truly lost the plot.
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  13. I wouldn't go with "lost the plot" just yet, but I'll admit I'm not enjoying this era as much as I want to. The vinyl looks lovely, rock candy seems to be just filler more than anything, hopefully they'll be eaten, unlike the ones that were packaged with Madonna's "Hard Candy".
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  14. The rock candy makes sense along with the postcards given the imagery of the era so far, I think.
    The vinyl does look really good. Especially the coral pink version! Something I might consider picking up further down the line if it's still in stock along with the CD, but this is definitely an album I want to listen to first before deciding on a physical edition. I like the sound of everything so far generally speaking, but listening to the previews on Apple Music made me wonder if a whole album of it would be enjoyable. It seems everything is too similar between tracks, as there doesn't seem to be much variation between vocal style, sounds or production, and nothing particularly stands out on its own.
  15. The vocal mastering on the new single is truly awful, I can’t bring myself to buy an album from her this time around. I feel like she’s really lost her way, there’s no spark or shimmer - it’s so pedestrian but sounds like it’s trying not to be.
  16. Does anyone know if you get automatic downloads of the singles if you pre-order the album?
  17. "Out (Out)" out Feb 18.

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  19. Why is the only postage option for only the vinyl £10.50? Miss Boots trying to sneak an extra £6.50 on postage charges.
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  20. Yeah, I hope this will be available through HMV/Scamazon/indie stores, because the shipping from her official store is pricey.
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