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Little Boots - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Exactly the reason I've not pre-ordered.
  2. The pricing on the official site even with my Patreon code basically doubled the costs of the order I wanted. Really makes zero sense for the size/weight and amount of things that I attempted to get. Never seen shipping so expensive for so few a selection within the same country.
  3. Maybe she's using extra sturdy packaging and tracking as didn't quite a few of the Hands anniversary vinyl orders get damaged and/or lost in transit?
  4. Out (Out) is actually VERY nice! Best of the lot, to be honest!
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  5. pdf


    Getting slight "last night a DJ saved my life' vibes from this

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  6. Out (out) is classic Little Boots, my favorite so far
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  7. Wonder if there'll be a single/video edit? The timestamp on the artwork doesn't match with the song.
  8. Yes! Really cool vibes.
    The song is classic LB, but with an early 80s twist, I love it.
  9. Did anyone see her Instagram video singing happy birthday?

    She looks very, very pregnant. Not in a weight gain way, as in actual baby bump way. Has she mentioned anything about this?

    Edit: the video is clearer as a story on abbavoyage’s account. Curious!
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  10. Tiny Boots is on the way...
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    How very
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  12. Well... she may have just mentioned in her latest Patreon post about what your curious about.
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  13. pdf


    Baby Boots?
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  14. There’s something very Noctures about Out (Out). It has some Lucky Star Madonna energy. Love it.
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  15. Crying on the Inside is that girl. Her vocals on the first verse/pre-chorus, especially on "I swear I heard you callin' me," are just

    (I know they're technically awful, but they sound so good to me. She should use that lower register more.)
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  16. I'm a total convert when it comes to the latest releases with Landline being my firm favourite. The deadpan delivery of "on the landline every night" cracks me up and is so damn catchy!
    Crying On The Inside is the least interesting musically out of the bunch, but still enjoyable.
  17. It's cute. "Love The Beginning" and "Want You Back?" are my favourites out of the new songs, and I prefer them both to any of the singles.
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  18. I want to like this, but it kind of sounds really flat?
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