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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Are the physicals shipping this week? The album is supposed to be out tomorrow but her webstore says April.
  2. Scream at this anecdote she just shared in the livestream chat:
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  3. I bit the bullet because I know she's indie, but this cost $37 to buy the CD direct from her. I expected it to pop up on Amazon but would rather give Vicky as much of the coin as possible.
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  4. I asked twice during her Insta stream if it would come to other stores and she didn't answer, so...

    I cannot bring myself to pay that much for the album, having heard it during the livestream.
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  5. Sadly, I agree and it was becoming evident from the singles as well. I think that's why "Want You Back?" sticks out to me most as a highlight despite it being the most straight-forward sounding track on the album in terms of sound and production. It seemed a lot more dynamic than the rest of the songs on first listen.
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  6. Yeah, it all seems a bit meh. Like I've mentioned, I applaud her for producing it herself but it just didn't fully work. It's crazy though because when she would share them as a work in progress/ demos they sounded better.

    With that being said Want You Back is the clear standout. It joins Tune Into My Heart, Not Now, Crescendo, Help Too, Staring AtThe Sun, and Picture as the one of its era.
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  7. It's a good album, don't get me wrong. It's just not $40 good. I'll probably buy Crying on the Inside (already bought Landline) and run.
  8. Ok, this is definitely not her best album, but still i loved it. According to the tidal she produced it herself, which i think is pretty impressive cause some of the tracks are BOPS (BOPS)!
  9. I purchased the album on vinyl but shipping was £10. Again, she's indie so I'm happy to support her but I've no idea when it will actually ship. I haven't heard the album yet but going on some of your responses, I'm guessing it's perhaps not all that good...
  10. I wasn’t expecting much from the reviews but I actually really enjoyed this. Was surprised that some of the songs are quite ‘singer songwriter’, but there’s still plenty of bops.
    I can definitely hear Saint Etienne and Kylie in some of the tracks.
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  11. I've still only heard the pre-release singles but Out (Out) and Crying on the Inside are top notch. Landline smacks a lot as well. Silver Balloons is probably my least favorite, but I'm tentatively excited to hear the album (whenever it ships).
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  12. I’m not enthralled with it if I’m being honest. I’ve enjoyed every other release she’s done. I can see what she’s gone for and it’s not that it hasn’t worked it’s just not for me. Nocturnes > Hands > Burn/Jump EPs > Working Girl > This for me.
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  13. pdf


    i'm loving it, hangs together really well as an album
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  14. She's addressed the shipping prices on Twitter:

    It still seems to me like the solution is... sell it through stores instead of only yourself.
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  15. Just gave this a spin after reading some of the comments here, and I really enjoyed it! I think it’s a pretty solid set, and vocally I think she is sounding particularly good.
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  16. Why? She’d make even less money doing it that way.
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  17. So that it doesn't cost $40 and more people would actually buy it? As it is, I'm just... not buying it at all.
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  18. I get that it’s really frustrating. But she’s at a stage in her career where she just doesn't sell much, so is probably just trying to maximise from the little that she does.

    But neither situation is ideal. Maybe the Abba gig might open some new doors for her?
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  19. After my first listen I think it's good, but not great. Major Saint Etienne vibes. I echo the call for more dynamic production, there's a flatness to everything that might have been intentional but frustrates me nonetheless since all her other records have been so immaculate. It also sounds really dated, but that's on purpose for sure. It's like...faded buildings, if that makes sense?
  20. Me the first 2 minutes of every single song: This sucks, very boring, she really fell off.
    Me by the end:


    Seems Bootsy made a few points – just took her sweet time getting to them!
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