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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Want You Back? is the one!
  2. THIS. The songs do grab you by the end even if they don't at the start.

    I actually really enjoyed my first listen but I did go in with low expectations and I hadn't really listened to any of the pre-released tracks. I get that some of these sound almost under-produced but the songs themselves are really good.

    I wonder if there would be a remix album down the line? Seems like a lot of these tracks would really pop off with some additional production.
  3. Hm. To me, many of the songs sound like they’re not finished, still demos.
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  4. I loved the album! I’ve played it 5 times since yesterday and I think I’ll definitely be revisiting this quite often. I’ll post my thoughts on every song sometime tomorrow. But I’m just happy to report that the album did not disappoint me.
  5. I definitely came into this album expecting it to be awful based on some of the comments and the general lack of enthusiasm but I'm actually enjoying it so far. I can appreciate that some songs would benefit from being beefed up a little but that's about it. I do need to sit with it for longer but my first impressions are positive.
  6. She served on this album for sure!

    Want U Back, Silver Balloons, Crying on the Inside, Nothing Ever Changes, Deborah and Out (Out) are my favourites.

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  8. I sense a very strong ABBA influence in this album, and I don’t know if it's on purpose cause she's playing the Voyage concerts, but I just feel it, especially on the title track, it also reminds me Imagine of John Lennon. I listened the album a few more times and now I loved it so much, I agreed that most of the tracks sounds unfinished, but we are talking of a indie artists doing everything at her own, I know that will sound much better with a major label at her side, but she done it great the way she could
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  9. Yeah, this album is fine. It's clear the lack of budget is holding it back production wise. Landline could have been a huge smash for another artist with some slick production.
    I was definitely getting ABBA vibes throughout, especially on Heavenly. I'm sure I'll return to it over the next few months.
    I admire her for getting it out there and tirelessly promoting it.
  10. This is definitely the less powerful of her records but it still manages to be Boots through and through. It's the album she needed to make to make the jump to the chair of producer.

    The title track shows how much her songmanship has grown since Hands (the title track too).
  11. It's all quite hooky though isn't it.

    I also got ABBA vibes and can imagine these songs going off live, with fan patiently waiting for the ABBAtars.
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  12. I like 3 songs, the rest is very bland. I think it should have just been an EP.
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  13. CD ordered, let’s see what it sounds like when I get my mitts upon it.
  14. CD arrived this morning, it's a cute but very simple package. Booklet is a 3-panel fold-out kind of thing. Pulling it out I expected that it would fold out into an A4 poster but it doesn't, so there's no additional photos beside the cover itself although it does include full lyrics which is always appreciated.
  15. Yeah the nosedive in quality after the Burn and Jump EPs are noticeable.

    There’s an effort to capture that end of pier and bingo hall nostalgia, but ultimately it just doesn’t sound very interesting. I do like Want You Back? and Nothing Ever Changes though.
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  16. Her voice this time sounds grating instead of the usual sweet and calming vocals... I think that's my main problem with the album
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  17. Judging by her Instagram stories, there's a collaboration (perhaps an original song or remix?) with Tia Kofi coming up over the summer.

    Victoria previously co-wrote this track released last year:

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  18. Awesome album. So happy she's back.
  19. This album seems quite polarizing.
  20. Started to give this a listen, but it’s for sure her least interesting body of work.
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